In this section of the HomeExchange Academy, you will see how easy it is to get started in 3 easy steps with the HomeExchange platform, to create your profile and home listing, start looking for an exchange, and go on unique and authentic holidays with you family or friends! And all of this for only $220 a year, enjoying all our services and guarantees for 12 months of stress free vacation!

1. How to create your account

2. How to subscribe to the membership

3. How to find and finalize an exchange

Step 1

How to create an account on HomeExchange

How to fill your profile?

Discover the groups

Did you know that on your profile you can join groups of interest to get to chat with members sharing the same passions as you? And that you can use them to filter your search so that you can even exchange your home with fellow passionates?

We tell you all about it!

Become verified

To assist in fostering a trustworthy community, our services include a free verification to demonstrate to other members that you are an actual person who lives in a home with a physical address. Theverification also helps to increase your chances of making exchanges!

Learn all about it and its benefits!

How to fill your listing?

All about the calendar

Indicating your availabilities in your calendar is one of the most essential steps to find an exchange.

Learn why and how!

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Sign up for free

Step 2

How to subscribe to the membership

Are you ready to embark your next great adventure with HomeExchange? Subscribe to the membership today and benefit from all our exclusive features and advantages!

Subscribe to the membership

Step 3

How to find and finalize an exchange

How to use the search features

All about the search filters

To help you find the home exchange that is perfect for you, we have many types of filters, ranging from the number of beds to members' hobbies (via the groups feature), home equipment (like a "jacuzzi" and "fireplace" filter), type of accommodation, and response rate! All these filters help refine your search results to help you find the home that corresponds to your needs and desires.

Learn all about the search filters.

Preferred destinations 

Do you dream of going to Rome, South Africa, or Argentina, but haven't found the right home just yet? Add your dream cities and countries to your preferred destinations! Then, you'll receive an email alert when a new home in that location is added to HomeExchange or has new availability. Not only can you be among the first to send an exchange request, but you can also appear in the reverse search results for members living in that location.

Find out more about preferred destinations and reverse search.

Favorites homes

The favorite homes feature allows you to save and group together the homes you love so you can easily contact them later. The "They like my home" page allows you to see who has added your home to their favorites. When your favorite homes update their availability, you'll receive an email to alert you of this change so you can contact them immediately if these dates match yours!

Learn more about your favorite homes.

How to send the perfect exchange request

Look for an exchange


How does HomeExchange work?


Let's home exchange!