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What are GuestPoints

Developed to ease the process of exchanging your home, GuestPoints (GP) are how you unlock a world filled with inviting exchanges. Awarded as a welcome gift, for completing your profile, and for hosting other Members, the result is simple; the more GuestPoints you have, the more exchange opportunities you can explore!

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One fixed price to simplify

“It’s exactly the same, I personally host my guests in the same way when the exchange is with or without GuestPoints.”

Dominique Caurant, HomeExchange member

Examples of home exchange possibilites

In HomeExchange, you have two types of exchanges: a Reciprocal Exchange, where you exchange homes with another Member, or a Non-Reciprocal Exchange where you receive GuestPoints for welcoming a Member into your home without traveling to theirs.
There are several ways to arranged your exchange here are a few options:

Service Plus and verification included

Non-reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints

John from Colorado is traveling to Marseille on his backpacking trip and has planned to stay at Gabrielle’s home. Gabrielle does not want to visit Colorado though, she would prefer to spend her time in Croatia. John can give Gabrielle GuestPoints for his stay at her home and Gabrielle can then use these GuestPoints towards her stay in Croatia.

Save money

Reciprocal exchange without GuestPoints

John lives in Colorado and wishes to travel to Marseille. Gabrielle lives in Marseille and is planning to visit Colorado. John and Gabrielle can do a reciprocal exchange, at either the same time or at different times. If John wants to visit Marseille for the summer and Gabrielle wants to visit Colorado during the winter, this is still considered a reciprocal exchange.

Earn +500 extra guestpoints

Reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints

John wants to visit Marseille for a weekend while backpacking across Europe. Gabrielle is planning to visit Colorado for a week to go skiing. John can ask Gabrielle for GuestPoints in exchange for the extra nights she would like to stay in his home.

How are GuestPoints calculated?

When you complete your home’s profile, HomeExchange automatically calculates the number of GPs per night for your home. The following criteria is considered when calculating the GuestPoint value for your home:

Save money


Legal for renters


Travel differently


How do you receive GuestPoints?

Hosting Members is the easiest, and best way to acquire GuestPoints. We also offer extra GuestPoints when you complete the following:

  • +100 GP for verifying your account with official documents proving your identity and residence
  • +1150 GP for completing all of the information within your profile to 100%
  • +125 GP for each friend you refer to join HomeExchange. The GPs are awarded once your friend creates their account and sends their first message. *Limited up to 10 friend referrals
  • +500 GP if you choose to become a Member of Optimal, HomeExchange's annual plan

Examples of GuestPoint values


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