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What are GuestPoints?

Developed to ease the process of exchanging your home, GuestPoints (GP) are how you unlock a world filled with inviting exchanges.

Awarded as a welcome gift, for completing your profile, and mostly for hosting other Members, the result is simple; the more GuestPoints you have, the more exchange opportunities you can explore!

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Examples of home exchange possibilites

Service Plus and verification included

Non-reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints

The member you reached out to does not want to stay at your house but he/she is willing to welcome you? For more flexibility, use your GuestPoints to arrange this kind of exchange.

Save money

Reciprocal exchange with or without GuestPoints

You stay at another Member’s house while they stay at yours, simultaneously or not.
In this situation, some members don’t wish to use GuestPoints, so we give the possibility of doing a reciprocal exchange without GuestPoints and let both parties agree on what works best for them!

How are GuestPoints calculated?

When you complete your home’s profile, HomeExchange automatically calculates the number of GPs per night for your home. The following criteria is considered when calculating the GuestPoint value for your home:

Save money


Legal for renters


Travel differently


How do you receive GuestPoints?

Hosting Members is the easiest, and best way to acquire GuestPoints. We also offer extra GuestPoints when you complete the following:

  • Completion of your profile
  • Verification
  • Referral
  • Etc.

Go explore the possibilities and find your next home exchange!


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