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About GuestPoints

GuestPoints make exchanging your home simple and easy for everyone.  Traditional home exchanges (you come to my home and I go to your home) are no longer the only option. Members can now host someone at their home for GuestPoints and use these points to travel to the destination of their choosing!

How to organize an exchange with GuestPoints...

Members in the HomeExchange community may be interested in hosting, but they may have other travel plans and are not looking to stay in your home.  In this case, you can propose a GuestPoints exchange.  You can offer GuestPoints in exchange for your host's hospitality.

For example, you live in the United States and want to travel to France this summer.  You searched among the many homes on the HomeExchange website and found a Member that has an available home. You can reach out to this Member and offer them GuestPoints to stay in their home.


How many GuestPoints will I need to give my host?

Each exchange is different!

The nightly GuestPoints value is different for every home.  This number is based on the size of the home, the amenities, and its location. The number of GuestPoints for your exchange can be calculated by taking the nightly GuestPoints value of the host's home multiplied by the number of nights you will stay at their home.

For example, if you want to go to Robert’s home in Paris, France that is 150 GuestPoints per night and you want to stay there for 5 nights, you will need 750 GuestPoints to organize this exchange.  The GuestPoints will be automatically transferred from your account to Robert’s account when you click "Finalize".

How can I collect GuestPoints?

When you first sign up on HomeExchange and complete your listing and profile, you will be given some GuestPoints to get you started. The best way to get GuestPoints is by hosting other Members in your home.

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More questions about GuestPoints?

Check out our FAQ here.

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