HomeExchange Optimal

What is Optimal?

Optimal is a yearly membership option that helps the community of HomeExchange make the most of their experience.
No matter how far you travel, how often you exchange, or the number of people in your group,
members can benefit from HomeExchange’s Optimal membership for only $150 per year.

Be part of the largest and most active home exchange community in the world! HomeExchange's Optimal offers exclusive membership advantages and all the benefits of HomeExchange services for every one of your exchanges!

How does Optimal work?

Optimal requires an annual subscription payment of $150. Once that is paid, Optimal members can enjoy 12-months of unlimited access to HomeExchange services and have the ability to organize as many exchanges as they like without any nightly service
fees. All that and you benefit from advantages reserved exclusively for Optimal members.

150 usd/year

Organize exchanges with GuestPoints, as usual, with no extra costs:
All the guarantees offered with HomeExchange services and Verification, are included in your Optimal membership.
Whether you travel as a guest or host another member, we are here for you.

Optimal Benefits

Service Plus and verification included

HomeExchange services and Verification included

Travel free from stress with all the best services of HomeExchange included at no additional charge. Two of our most common add-on offerings for our community, HomeExchange services and Verification, can lead to extra fees when organizing an exchange. Verification boosts trust in the network while also helping to increase your chances of finding an exchange. As part of Optimal, you will be Verified at no added cost.

And, in the event of an emergency, you can contact HomeExchange for support 24/7.
Just finalize your exchange and pack your bags, we'll take care of the rest!

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Save money

Save money

Members who choose Optimal save big when it comes to organizing exchanges. When you arrange an exchange, you’ll have the option of selecting between Essential, our pay-per-night offer, or Optimal. Essential costs $15 per night, so it only takes a two-week exchange (or multiple weekend exchanges) to make Optimal a much better deal at $150 for a year’s worth of adventures and exchanges.

Earn +500 extra guestpoints

Earn 500 bonus GuestPoints

By signing up for Optimal, you'll receive a welcome bonus of 500 GuestPoints. That's a nice boost to help you organize your next vacation. After all, the more GuestPoints you earn as a host, the more opportunities you have to travel as a guest, and Optimal will be with you through it all.

Being a part of Optimal doesn’t change the way you do exchanges with HomeExchange. You can continue to travel wherever and however you want, both by doing reciprocal exchanges (you come to my place, I go to yours) and through non-reciprocal exchanges (redeeming GuestPoints for your stay).

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Loyalty program

Loyalty program

We believe that loyalty should be rewarded. The longer you stay an active member of Optimal, the more you'll save! Optimal members continue to earn an exclusive discount on their membership for every year they renew while still maintaining all the advantages of HomeExchange services.

To take part in our Loyalty Program, you need to renew your Optimal membership each year, without interruption. If you let your subscription expire, you will lose all the rights of loyalty.

1st year of Optimal: $150

2nd year of Optimal: $135

Each additional membership renewal saves you $7.50 until you reach the price of $105 per year

Success guarantee

Exchange guarantee

Have trouble finding an exchange in your first year as an Optimal member? Don’t worry! We know that it can take some time to get used to the system, that’s why, if you can’t find an exchange your first year, we give you the second year of Optimal for free!

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Damage Coverage

One-time annual payment

Exchange as often as you like with no additional fees. Optimal members pay only once per year and never need to worry about entering their credit card information to finalize an exchange.

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