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Membership benefits

Access to over 150,000 members’ homes

1 exchange finalized every 2 minutes in 145 countries

Member support at your disposal

24/7 in case of emergency

Loyalty badge

A badge indicating that you are a member to give you more visibility in the search results. It also shows the number of years you have been part of the community, fostering more trust in your profile!

500 GP bonus for your first year

To welcome you into the community and help you easily finalize your first exchange ! Learn more about GuestPoints here

Access to reviews left by members

For more information to help you decide on and plan out your vacations

Access to our private Facebook groups

For exclusive chats with other members and the team to ask questions, share your experiences and stories...

Exchanges guaranteed or 2nd year for free

If you search but don't find an exchange during your first year of membership (see conditions here )

2nd year for free

Travel & welcome with peace of mind

Our guarantees protect your home and your exchanges

Member support at your
fingertips at any time

Assistance in case of cancellation or

Protection in case of
property damage

If you want learn more about our guarantees visit this page.

Calculate your accommodation cost saving!

On average, a family of 4 saves $2000 per year on vacation accommodations with HomeExchange

4 travelers


For 3 days





*calculated from average 2 star hotel prices
on google flights for july
in the most popular destinations

How does it work?

Join us for only 220 dollars per year!


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Complete your profile and get it verified
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Pay the annual membership fee of $220
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Enjoy 12 months of unlimited exchanges
with peace of mind thanks to our guarantees

Your loyalty will be rewarded

A special loyalty discount, a GuestPoint bonus and your loyalty badge!

Because trust is so important in our community and we value our members' commitment and loyalty, you will benefit from special loyalty benefits for each year that your renew your membership before its expiration date.

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If you have any more
questions about the
membership that are not
mentioned here, please visit
our FAQ page

How much does the membership cost?

The annual HomeExchange membership costs $220 and allows you to organize unlimited exchanges during the
 12 months of your membership's validity for no extra cost!

What are the advantages of the membership?

By activating your membership you become part of the community and get access to all the website features as well as exclusive member benefits such as the loyalty badge that gives more visibility and trust to your profile. It enables you to use the website freely and to find exchanges more easily.

Being a member also enables you to benefit from our member support and guarantees, which protect both your home and your exchanges, so you can travel with complete peace of mind.

Do I need to take the membership to finalize exchanges?

Yes, it is mandatory to have an active membership to be able to finalize exchanges.

How can I subscribe to the membership?

To activate your membership, you need to go to "My Account" > "My Membership" and pay from this page.

Please note that HomeExchange will never ask you to make any payment outside of the website.

What do I do if I don't find any exchanges during my membership duration?

HomeExchange is confident that, with the yearly membership, you will find at least one exchange as a guest. However, if you do not manage to find an exchange as a guest, HomeExchange will give you a second year free-of-charge.

In order to benefit from the HomeExchange guarantee, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Paid for the first year of the membership.
  • Have your home profile and personal profile 100% complete and online within the first three months of the active membership.
  • Have your email, phone number, identity, and address verified within the first three months of the active membership.
  • Have sent at least 40 messages proposing an exchange to other members (over the most recent three month period).
  • Have a response rate equal to or above 80%.
Can I pay in several installments?

Yes. If you are paying in euros, HomeExchange offers you the possibility to pay your membership in 3 installments.

Each monthly payment is 56 euros. You pay the first installment directly, then a second installment in 30 days and a third installment in 60 days.

To take advantage of the payment in 3 installments, you must:

  • Not have an active membership yet
  • Pay by credit card (PayPal is not supported with the payment in 3 installments)
  • Pay in euros

It is important to note that you commit to paying the full membership price, just spread out over several installments. Each monthly payment must be paid automatically on its due date. In case of payment failure, we will contact you to inform you and help you resolve the situation as soon as possible. If the situation is not resolved, your membership will end and your future exchanges will also be cancelled.

Is the one year membership the only option?

Yes, HomeExchange only offers the yearly membership, that enables you to organize as many exchanges as you wish for 12 months, all protected by our guarantees.

Do I need to subscribe to the membership to use my welcome GuestPoints?

Yes, as GuestPoints are used to stay at a member's home during an exchange, and an active membership is mandatory to finalize exchanges, you will need to subscribe to the annual membership to use your GuestPoints and get access to all our features and members benefits.