What is Verification on HomeExchange?

Verification is a free service offered by HomeExchange in which the identity and address of our members are verified by our team.

Why do we offer free verification?

Our vision is to ensure you have success in finding home exchanges. To assist in fostering a trustworthy community, our services include a free verification to demonstrate to other members that you are an actual person who lives in a home with a physical address. This verification also helps to increase your chances of making exchanges!

Verify your profile

The Benefits of HomeExchange verification

  • You have a blue dot with a check mark on your profile to allow others to see that your profile has been verified.
  • You receive 200 GuestPoints
  • You are more visible in the search results.
  • You can also choose to be contacted only by people whose profile has also been verified.
How does the verification work?

Get your account verified in three easy steps

Under your profile, click on "become a verified member" and upload your documents

Before starting, make sure your prfole is completed to at least 80%, or you won't be able to verify it!

  1. Under your account and click on "Your profile", then on the left on "Verify my profile"
  2. Upload an identity document (examples: a photo of your driver’s license or passport) linked to the HomeExchange account holder
  3. Upload proof of address (examples: a recent (less than 6 months) bank statement, phone invoice or a lease) in the name of the HomeExchange account holder

Our team checks and approves your identity and your home. Your profile will now display the blue dot with a check mark and show that have verified your profile!

Verify your profile

Documents will be stored on Amazon’s ultra-secure cloud platform (called AWS) for a limited period of one month, then they are automatically destroyed.

Verified members of HomeExchange share their opinion of this trusted service

"As a member, I put more trust in verified members when I let people come to my home. It reassures me to know that the HomeExchange team has verified them. For me, it's a guarantee. Being a verified member also makes me appear at the top of the list, my house appears on more peoples’ screens and it offers more opportunities to carry out all the exchanges I want. ”

- María Ángeles, Spain, 12 exchanges.

“I consider that verification is essential if you want to avoid [unpleasant surprises] once you arrive at your destination. All the guests I received were exceptional, I am very satisfied with this service. ”

- Maurizio, Italy, 7 exchanges.

“Verification allows me to be at the top of the list of results and to be more visible. Therefore, I receive more requests for exchanges. ”

- Claire, Canada, 4 exchanges.

Verify your profile