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Here at HomeExchange we envision a new mode of travel.

With our community members sharing this vision, we, as a team, are passionate to provide unforgettable experiences by creating, innovating, and taking initiative everyday. Our dream is to allow millions of people around the world to exchange their homes.

At HomeExchange we are a family where everyone's ideas are welcomed and supported. We take the time to enjoy coffee together, hold discussions at lunch, or collaborate in launching a new project! We find that respect, freedom, and kindness go hand-in-hand with ambition, innovation, and confidence.

If you see yourself also manifesting these notions, searching for authentic experiences and exhibiting a concern about the preservation of our planet we invite you to join us.

Let's build the future of travel together!


Our values

We believe

The world is a better place when doors open and people are able to travel. We exist to expand home exchange globally, and that makes us proud. It’s an honor to help millions around the world to take great vacations. Serving our wonderful community is what gives meaning to our jobs. We are committed to reducing the impact our company makes on our environment.

We care

Our team is built on trust, respect, and kindness. We support each other through laughter and tears. Each of us is on a journey of self-improvement, where team members are allies, and help each other every step of the way. The best teams are inclusive, that’s why we embrace diversity in every way possible.

We dare

The world keeps on changing, and so do we. We try things out, innovate, embrace challenges, and take initiatives. We are bold and think outside of the box. Sometimes we stumble, and that’s all right, because we want to be the best at what we do.

We deliver

We pride ourselves in our ability to getting things done. Whatever the challenge, whatever the issue, we find solutions and achieve success. We anticipate, act, analyze, improve, and make tough choices to move forward.

We smile

Life is about more than work. We help each other find a good balance. We value our team spirit and deploy our creativity to infuse joy within our work. We make time for fun, celebrate successes, party, joke, relax and know when to call it a day.

La Casa in Paris, Zagreb and Cambridge, MA.

It is here where the best ideas are conjured up and diligently acted upon.  La Casa is also everyone's home; you are encouraged to move about the open space and work where you are comfortable.  Here we reflect, create, test, share—and most importantly we celebrate progress and each other!

Life at HomeExchange

We create memorable experiences not only for our members, but for ourselves too!


We start every beautiful Monday morning with some delicious bites and steaming coffee.

Nerf Wars

If you work on the first floor you will be a target.

Ping Pong Battles

In place of eating lunch, we prefer to host ping pong tournaments.

Afternoon bites

We know how to relax with good food and drinks after a long day at work.

Team Days

Bowling, salsa, painting...we love discovering new hobbies together!

"Work hard, play hard"

Free Management Style

What is a Free Management Style?

At HomeExchange we consider ourselves to be an innovative company; and with this we had to find a management system that would fit with our outside-the-box thinking.  A free management system is not based on a structured hierarchy of control and supervision, but instead empowers the employee to take charge of their own work schedule and implement the actions that they deem best for the company.

We work everyday to be more free!

Wanting to be free is nice, actually being free is even better! Everyday different people with different kinds of expertise come together to work as a team and propose innovative ideas and solutions.  

Open Positions

We are always welcoming new talent.  Show us what you can bring to HomeExchange!


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