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Day after day, we work to build the future of travel by celebrating home exchange as an authentic, human way to travel. Let’s explore the interconnected foundation of our worldwide HomeExchange community!


Above all, HomeExchange is about people. People who believe home exchange is the best way to travel, to discover the world, and explore its wonders. People who are open to getting to know other travelers and experience a different perspective. People who firmly believe that welcoming others into their home is more than just offering a place to stay.

"The simplicity and reciprocal affection that we felt transformed our home exchange into a beautifully human and heart-warming meeting" - Stéphanie

Together, hand-in-hand, we created the #1 worldwide community for HomeExchangers, who ceaselessly welcome new members, new cultures, and new ways to see and be open to the world.


The HomeExchange community gathers people from different countries and various backgrounds, embodying the values of trust, respect, and generosity. We share the spirit and vision that home exchange is a not only a way of traveling but also a way of living. It is about being open and caring, adventurous, and trusting.

The community shares homes but also shares stories, memories, and recommendations because everyone wants to do their part to help Guests make the most of their experience. Because moments shared are memories that are never forgotten.

"The experience is very enriching, on a human level. We always meet open, nice, and generous people. We try to make the most of it and use this experience to teach essential values to our 2-year-old: share her home, her room, her toys, and, in return, she always ask about the children of our Exchange Partners (their name, their age…)" - Frederic


Caring offers a base for trusting relationships to grow and flourish. In a community made of individuals, we all care about and for our own family and home, but we also consider our Exchange Partner’s well-being and happiness. As a community, we pay attention to every individual that is a part of it. We care about their freedom to choose their experiences, to celebrate their successes, and marvel at their explorations.

“We receive strangers in our home, helping them visiting our country and let them use our apartment with a single word: ‘Trust,’ it’s wonderful.” - Hatem & Safteh


What is it that brings us all together? A sense of curiosity. The desire to travel and explore the world. We crave the variety, unexpected moments, and general amazement that HomeExchange allows offers every day.

With real homes and warm welcomes, the authenticity of traveling with HomeExchange invites unique discoveries that help bring a strong, connected community together!

"“The warm welcome of our host, Carolina, is one of the best memories of our stay. She greeted us as friends and introduced us to a part of Barcelona that regular tourists don’t have the chance to know. For us, home exchange is, above all, a meeting, a moment of sharing with another family, another culture.”

The HomeExchange community is made of more than just the collection of people involved, it is about a common desire to discover, care, share, and (most of all) welcome our fellow travelers. We are thrilled to have you as part of our community and look forward to the many adventures we will experience together.

Don’t only take our word for it, and see how other members feel about this wonderful community of ours:

 “Our host wanted to know all the details about our arrival because she really wanted to guide and welcome us the best way possible even though our plane landed very late. It is genuinely heartwarming to feel expected like this…”  - Dominique

 “We dont like mass tourism and we enjoy discovering other cultures. Home exchange really enables us to do that and takes us to magical places, far away from superficial areas and tourist-traps. It is really important for us that our children travel and discover the world. We want to raise them so that they are open minded. Sharing, exchanging, discovering others are for us really important values.” - Pauline

“Homeexchange has enriched our life immensely. We have enjoyed many exchanges over the years, and each has exceeded our expectations. The properties ranged from small apartments to luxurious villas, but all provided unique experiences in authentic neighborhoods.” -Marylin

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