How does this work?

Your home takes you away.

HomeExchange is the world's leading network for home-exchanging. With more than 400,000 homes in 187 countries, discover an affordable, authentic, and safe way to travel.

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Our GuestPoints system

Booking a place to stay is easy with our GuestPoints system. You earn GuestPoints when you host, and you spend GuestPoints when you stay as a guest. We also gift you with GuestPoints when you sign up and complete your profile and listing so you can start booking stays right away and then host when you're ready.


It's flexible!

Every exchange tailored to your needs thanks to our 2 offers:



Optimal is an annual subscription payment of $150. Once that is paid, Optimal members can enjoy 12-months of unlimited access and organize as many exchanges as they like without any additional costs.

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Essential is a pay-per-night plan you can use to discover home exchange or if you are a light traveler.  

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We are here for you

We are here with you through your entire home exchange journey




Our Happiness team available via email and telephone Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM UTC-03


Live chat platform where ambassador members answer your questions.


Personalized assistance by e-mail and phone 24/7 in case of emergency

Home & cancellation insurance



Free verification to confirm the identities and addresses of our members a guest


A blue badge of confidence on your profile that maximizes your chances of finding an exchange 

Travel insurance



HomeExchange will handle the mediation between the host and the guest in cases of incident or damage


HomeExchange will compensate you in case of any unforeseen incident or damages as a Host and as a Guest


It's easy!

1. Register for free and complete your profile

Introduce yourself to the community by letting people know who you are and completing your personal and home profiles. This information will help you to find your exchange as it helps other members know more about you.

2.  Choose where you would like to go on vacation

You have 400,000 houses to choose from for your dream vacation. Spain, France, Italy, England, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, etc. All these countries and many more are waiting for you!

3. Contact the homes you’re drawn to and organize your exchange

Once you have chosen your destination, contact our members through our 100%-secure messaging service! No personal data will be shared until you choose to finalise an exchange with another member. Also, thanks to our integrated translator, you can always write messages in your native language and your potential exchange partner can easily translate your messages to a language they understand :)