HomeExchange reinventingtravel since 1992

Our manifesto

We believe in a more reponsible way to go on holidays

We believe that travel should not happen at the expense of the local community. We believe impulsive traveling is a thing of the past. We believe travel should be about connecting people and not disconnecting them. We believe sharing is the most responsible way to use resources. We believe trust and respect are the basis to define citizens' relationship to promote inclusivity and not discrimination.

Our mission

We could all travel more - and more responsibly - if we exchanged more

Another reason is that home exchange is a more responsible way to go on vacation. For over 30 years, we have been proud to promote slower, more conscious travel that encourages authentic encounters.

Our community

A community united by the same values

Today, we are a community of more than 150,000 members in 145 countries that are building the future of travel together by sharing the belief that home exchange is the most authentic, humane, and responsible way to discover new places, new cultures, and new people.

We are a community that practices respect, sharing, and generosity. HomeExchangers open their homes and warmly welcome each other with complete trust.

Our story

Once upon a time

The first paper catalog

1950s: the first paper catalog is published, in which teachers advertise their home exchange proposals. These were the early days of home exchange !


Arrival of the internet

1992: The HomeExchange community is born in the United States. In the late 90s, HomeExchange migrates from paper to digital and the concept gains more and more followers.


"The Holiday"

2006: Hollywood produces a film about two young women who find love through a home exchange organised through... HomeExchange.com. The film is an international hit, and home exchanging takes off.



In 2011, GuesttoGuest, a new French home exchange platform, was born with a novel concept: GuestPoints, which multiplies the possibilities of exchange.


The merger

2018: It's time to join forces. GuesttoGuest and HomeExchange combine to become one entity: the new HomeExchange, the global leader in home exchange.


Covid-19 and the boom

March 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us all to rethink the way we travel. HomeExchange is attracting more and more members who are all eager to travel flexibly, but also and above all authentically and responsibly.

What's next?

HomeExchange commits to the future of travel

Our first objective: To establish home exchange as a way for everyone to go on vacation in a responsible and human way by enhancing what already exists and by blocking mass tourism.

HomeExchange is therefore committed to drastically reducing its environmental impact by 2030, mainly through reducing the digital pollution linked to the website's operations and by reducing the impact of our members' trips.

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