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Traveling with the entire family, including your pets, is now made possible with HomeExchange's pet-friendly accommodations. Whether you are traveling with dogs or traveling with cats, you can enjoy our pet-friendly accommodations that will put your mind at ease during your vacation.


Blue travels the world with us!

"My wife and I just recently returned from a beautiful weekend in New Hampshire’s White Mountains where we spent the day hiking with our active dog, Blue. The home was pristine and well-located, and having the ability to bring our dog made it all the more convenient and enjoyable for us. We’ll be using the “pets welcome” filter in our HomeExchange searches from now on. There are more pet-friendly HomeExchange options out there than we initially realized, so our travel plans have only increased. Looking forward to having our dog along on our next HomeExchange! 

Oliver - Member of HomeExchange for 2 years

Our Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Embark on your travels with your pet by your side.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Canada
5.0 13 5 182 GP/night
Greater London, United Kingdom
5.0 18 11 153 GP/night
Greater London, United Kingdom
5.0 29 4 220 GP/night
Greater London, United Kingdom
0.0 0 6 127 GP/night
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Travel with Pets!

HomeExchange is present in over 187 countries

Finding a pet-friendly accommodation can be tedious work. Thanks to home exchange with HomeExchange you can embark on your next family vacation with your pets. Traveling with dogs has never been easier thanks to the pet-friendly accommodation offered on HomeExchange. Are you traveling with cats? Having trouble finding pet-friendly hotels? Sign up for free on HomeExchange and discover all of our cat and dog-friendly accommodation around the world! Not only will you save money by avoiding expensive pet-friendly hotels, but the entire family can enjoy a free stay while being close to your pet companions.

With 400,000 homes in 187 countries, HomeExchange offers a large variety of accommodations that will welcome your pets. This way you can find a cat and dog-friendly accommodation that does not cost you anything. In fact, home exchange with HomeExchange is always free. All you have to do is create your profile and go! Pet travel has never been easier.

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More Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Home Available across America

Charlottesville, United States
5.0 10 8 215 GP/night
Sarasota, United States
5.0 11 6 194 GP/night
Portland, United States
5.0 36 7 205 GP/night
Waikoloa Village, United States
5.0 30 4 187 GP/night
Portland, United States
5.0 23 6 150 GP/night
Oakland, United States
5.0 12 8 231 GP/night
Saint Paul, United States
5.0 7 5 200 GP/night
Richmond, United States
5.0 1 4 150 GP/night

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