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Do you want to have a unique vacation or weekend getaway and save money at the same time? Find your next apartment exchange through HomeExchange. Around the world or close to home, we make it easy for you to exchange apartments. Plan your next apartment swap now!

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3 good reasons to exchange your apartment

Travel differently

Travel differently

Experience an authentic way to travel. Discover local cultures and immerse yourself in the life of your host.

Save money

Save money

Stay at a low price for your holidays or just for the weekend. Travel and enjoy even more.

Legal for renters

With complete peace of mind

HomeExchange is with you before, during, and after your exchange.

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Over 175,000 apartments are available. Swap apartments easily with HomeExchange!

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With HomeExchange, there is an opportunity to switch apartments in over 145 countries

Are you bored with staying in the same old hotels? An apartment exchange is the perfect alternative for your next vacation or getaway.  Swap apartments with other apartments and vacation homes from around the world.

Enjoy an apartment ideally situated in the hearts of your favorite destinations! With an apartment exchange, you will be in close proximity to shops, attractions, and famous city monuments. In addition to the amazing location, an apartment exchange helps you feel at home when you travel. It’s simple! Discover apartments on HomeExchange that you can enjoy with family, friends or your special someone. Experience an original trip and save at least 30% on your next vacation or city break.

Don't wait, find an accommodation now and live the apartment exchange experience.  There are over 150,000 members from around the world waiting to swap apartments and homes with you. Traveling has never been so easy!

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