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Before joining HomeExchange, we thought it looked like a great concept, but we wondered if it was for us. Then we started. We are thrilled because while we were saving on our vacation, it goes beyond that, beyond exchanging your home, it means a whole lot more...

We explore the world - near and far

We explore the world - near and far

Thanks to home exchange, it is possible to stay almost anywhere in the world. From New Zealand to Prague or even just a few hours from home. We don’t necessarily need to go to the four corners of the world to find a change of scenery. We like to keep an open mind and allow ourselves to be surprised by exchange offers from unexpected destinations.

”We like to be surprised sometimes with unexpected requests. We update our calendar often, answer requests with a personal note. We treat our GuestPoint exchanges, and reciprocal exchanges with the utmost respect. We always try to get to know our guests before agreeing to an exchange and are often Facebook friends before and after our exchange. We feel as if we are friends by following each other's adventures! Be persistent in asking for an exchange; it may take at least 15 tries. HomeExchange opens your eyes, hearts, and souls to new cultures.”
Melanie, 37 exchanges

We exchange hospitality

There are many ways to do a home exchange. In every case, it is a story of hospitality, not an impersonal reservation. This comradery has us welcome one another as a guest, not a lodger. Whether it’s a reciprocal exchange, where I stay at your home, and you stay mine, or a non-reciprocal exchange, where GuestPoints allow us to welcome guests and use the GuestPoints to be welcomed at another Member’s home. This is what makes the experience unique.

"We loved picking up our exchange family from the Netherlands at the airport in Quebec City. Making personal connections is what HomeExchange is all about!"
Theresa, 4 exchanges

We exchange hospitality
We are all hosts AND guests!

We are all hosts and guests!

As we are all, in turn, both welcomed and welcoming, we treat our Host’s home exactly as we wish our Guests would treat ours. Upon arrival, we familiarize ourselves with the operation of our home-away-from-home. During our exchange, we respect the rules of the house, and we pay attention to objects and our environment. Before leaving, we clean tidy up and do our best to put things back the way we found them, and if we have any questions, we do not hesitate to contact our host.

”We always leave the home as we found it, or better. You can say you will respect their home and property, but your actions speak louder than words. You are responsible for your kid's mess too. Our kids know this and happily chip in with the tasks."
Kerry & Gregg, 10 exchanges

Tips for your first exchange

We pride ourselves on our communication

It all begins with an honest description of our home. With high-quality photos, information about the home, the neighborhood, and the region. We also include a few words to introduce ourselves and introduce our family. These elements are valuable in helping to build trust with our exchange partner. Learn how to complete your profile. Also, thanks to the messaging, we can put a personal touch into our exchange offers, and we do our best to offer a prompt and courteous response to the messages we receive. The key to a successful exchange is to discuss all aspects of the exchange together. From how we gather keys, potential household quirks, and more before we confirm our agreement. The clearer we are at the beginning, the better it is in the end.

"Make sure to clarify everything! Expectations for watering plants, caring for pets, cleaning arrangements, rooms that are off limits, use of cars, key collection, and drop off, etc. Attention to the little details is the key to a successful HomeExchange."
Anita, 6 exchanges

We pride ourselves on our communication
We go the extra mile

We go the extra mile

Since the people who welcome us are like friends (even though we may not have met yet), we do our best to surprise them. The little touches make a huge impact, things like croissants for breakfast, a list of the best places to visit in the area, or a note or drawing made by our children. Even if we don’t always meet our exchange partners, there are thousands of ways to greet each other and to say “thank you” after a successful exchange.

"When traveling out of the country, we like to leave a little something for the hosts of our exchange that is from our home country. Sometimes it is something homemade by us and other times it is Canadian maple syrup."
Marie, 10 exchanges

Tips for a successful message

Now you’re ready to get started. All you have to do is organize your next vacation.
You will see, and we are sure you will love exchanging homes!

Let's go!