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Top 10 Lesser-Known USA Destinations

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Start planning your safe local travel in the USA. Don't let your budget keep you from traveling: home exchange allows you to go on vacation without paying accommodation fees. Where to go on summer vacation? HomeExchange invites you to discover the 10 off the beaten track destinations just a drive away.

Top 10 Lesser-Known USA Destinations for your Next Vacation

If you are one of the many people that will most likely be opting for a local destination on your next vacation (like 70% of HomeExchange members say they will), there are innumerable beautiful destinations to explore across the United States. With thousands of home exchanges in the US, it's not hard to find your next vacation just a drive away from home in a lesser-known destination with plenty of space for the family to relax and stay entertained.

Traveling with HomeExchange is a great way to safely travel with family and friends this summer.  Take the worry out of planning with our flexible last-minute pandemic cancelation policy and just focus on enjoying your vacation. You also have the benefit of enjoying your own private space, with a kitchen and yard of your own, and no busy communal spaces like in a hotel or resort. Browse house swaps in your dream US destinations, or check out our recommendations below for lesser-known places for your next vacation.

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#1 Paso Robles, California

Paso Robles has it all: it’s a fun spot for a girls’ trip with wineries and olive groves, a romantic getaway option full of history, a lake and picnic spots, or a vacation with kids with a family water park. There are dozens of wine tasting tours to choose from and you can tour vineyards and wineries, trying the zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, and Rhône-style wines the region is known for. When you’ve had your fill of vino, an olive oil tasting will round off a memorable (and delicious) vacation.


Homes Available in Paso Robles

Travel to Paso Robles and discover the local wineries and cuisine!

San Luis Obispo, United States
5.0 19 12 265 GP/night
San Luis Obispo, United States
5.0 8 8 117 GP/night
San Luis Obispo, United States
5.0 1 6 159 GP/night
San Luis Obispo, United States
5.0 1 6 109 GP/night

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#2 Park City, Utah

Park City is known for its excellent skiing, but there’s much more to do even if you don’t want to hit the powder. Nature lovers will adore Park City for its 400 miles of maintained trails for mountain biking and hiking, snowmobiling, tubing, fly fishing, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, river rafting and golf. The city’s historic district boasts boutiques, art galleries, a museum, and plenty of delicious restaurants to choose from.


Homes Available in Park City

Your next vacation to Utah is just a click away!

Park City, United States
0.0 0 8 268 GP/night
Park City, United States
0.0 0 13 311 GP/night
Park City, United States
5.0 16 4 210 GP/night
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#3 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

When you’re seeking a beach getaway, Hilton Head Island and the Atlantic Ocean await, with gorgeous beaches at every turn! If you’re more of a history buff than a beach bum, Hilton Head Island is oozing with history, including historic museums and Civil War monuments. The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is a perfect place to spot deer, birds, and alligators, while the Coastal Discovery Museum is a fun spot for all ages to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area.


Homes Available in Hilton Head Island

On a strict budget? You can organize an affordable trip to Hilton Head Island with HomeExchange!

Hilton Head Island, United States
5.0 3 4 175 GP/night
Hilton Head Island, United States
5.0 15 5 125 GP/night
Hilton Head Island, United States
5.0 10 10 201 GP/night
Hilton Head Island, United States
0.0 2 16 220 GP/night
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#4 Loudoun County, Virgina

Located near Washington D.C. but away from the bustle of the city, Loudoun has something for everyone: vineyards, white water rafting, and historical homes. There are inviting golf courses, hiking and biking trails, and wineries— Loudon’s Wine Trail includes nine! Foodies will love the city for its trendy restaurants with farm-to-table concepts, craft beer, and more must-hit spots than you can tackle in one trip.


Homes Available in Loudoun County

Discover Loudoun County with HomeExchange!

Purcellville, United States
5.0 6 10 189 GP/night
Sterling, United States
5.0 4 8 210 GP/night
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#5 Naples, Florida

Located in southwest Florida, Naples has miles of beaches with fine white sand, ideal for a relaxing, tropical getaway on the Gulf of Mexico. Naples offers high-end shopping, golf courses, a swamp sanctuary, the Naples Zoo, and a botanical garden. Don’t miss the Naples Pier, a popular fishing destination and one of the best places to watch dolphins and pelicans, with tons of restaurants to choose from.


Homes Available in Naples

Take a trip to Florida with HomeExchange to discover the beaches.

Naples, United States
5.0 5 4 207 GP/night
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#6 Burlington, Vermont

Burlington has fun activities to keep the whole family entertained: amazing skiing, escape rooms, a cinema drafthouse, indoor skydiving, mini golf, ziplining, paintball parks, and more! There will never be a dull moment, but when you’re ready to decompress the lakes, state parks, and wooded, forested parks with trails will let you relax and enjoy the natural beauty of New England. Vermont is known for its cheese, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and maple syrup— what’s not to love?


Homes Available in Burlington

The wonders of nature: lakes and trails will surprise you during your vacation.

Burlington, United States
4.8 9 10 149 GP/night
Richmond, United States
5.0 10 6 170 GP/night
Williston, United States
5.0 8 8 180 GP/night
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#7 Cannon Beach, Oregon

Just 1.5 hours from Portland, Cannon Beach is a small coastal city with stunning trails, beaches, coves and a lighthouse. If you’re looking to escape busy, stressful life and unwind in a small city with views of tufted puffins, rocky state parks, and boutiques and small businesses downtown, Cannon Beach will be an oasis. The city has a small town beach charm and is easy to explore by bike or on foot.


Homes Available in Cannon Beach

Want to discover the shores of the West Coast? Visit Cannon Beach, OR.

Warrenton, United States
5.0 2 10 230 GP/night
Gearhart, United States
5.0 55 12 200 GP/night
Cannon Beach, United States
5.0 16 11 184 GP/night
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#8 The Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a refreshing retreat in nature on the shores of some of America’s top beaches. Featuring a 100-mile stretch of islands, the Outer Banks are home to fantastic swimming, kayaking, surfing, stunning natural parks, and local lighthouses to discover. You’ll explore local coastal villages, eat the catch of the day, experience history, and see the best sunsets of your life.


Homes Available in Outer Banks

Take a trip to the Outer Banks.

Southern Shores, United States
5.0 32 10 215 GP/night
Kitty Hawk, United States
5.0 17 7 198 GP/night
Kill Devil Hills, United States
5.0 2 13 249 GP/night
Kitty Hawk, United States
5.0 19 8 268 GP/night
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#9 Tucson, Arizona

Tucson experiences 350 days of sunshine a year, so you can enjoy beautiful weather while tasting some of the best Mexican food this side of the border. The whole family will be awed by Saguaro National Park and its cacti, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with its interactive outdoor exhibits, and the Tucson Botanical Gardens with its impressive butterfly house. Trendy, bustling, and full of natural beauty, Tucson is sure to impress and inspire its visitors.


Homes Available in Tucson

Enjoy the desert sun in Arizona.

Tucson, United States
5.0 4 9 270 GP/night
Tucson, United States
0.0 0 6 78 GP/night
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#10 St. Louis, Missouri 

From barbecue restaurants to blues music, St. Louis has plenty to entice all ages. Spend a day indulging in the more “touristy” activities, like seeing the Gateway Arch, touring the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, and chowing down on toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. There’s plenty for kids, too, like the zoo, art museum, and science center, which are all free, or the Magic House Children’s Museum chock full of interactive exhibits.


Homes Available in St. Louis

Take a trip to St. Louis with HomeExchange.

St. Louis, United States
0.0 0 8 180 GP/night
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