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London has so many intriguing places to visit, from historical monuments and museums, to trendy neighborhoods and large green spaces. London is famous for its live music and fashion, which you can discover in both upscale and popular areas. And for your accommodations, HomeExchange offers you a great variety of accommodations in the heart of the British capital.

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How does a home exchange work?

With HomeExchange, registration is free, then members pay an annual fee of $220, which allows them to unlock unlimited exchanges for the year.

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Exchange vacation homes - London

The real cultural melting pot, London holds many surprises! The metropolis, teeming and dynamic, will leave you speechless! Between museums, galleries, pubs, tea rooms, parks, and shops, you will not know where to turn. Rest assured that you will come back with many memories! If you wish to discover all the charms of London, share your house or apartment for the holidays. You can achieve this by exchanging your home or apartment; we guarantee you a trip that you will never forget! Tempted by the adventure? Join us by registering for free on HomeExchange! Once you register you can than access our entire catalog of houses and apartments located in the heart of London.

Vacation homes - London

London, United Kingdom
6 49 GP / night

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

With HomeExchange, you can either exchange your home reciprocally with another member's home or use your GuestPoints to make a non-reciprocal exchange. GuestPoints are points you earn by hosting other members in your home in non-reciprocal exchanges. All exchanges are covered for damage, theft and cancellation.
It's a responsible and economical way to travel with peace of mind within a trusted community. HomeExchange is the world's leading home exchange site with over 150,000 members in 145 countries.
Thanks to our annual HomeExchange membership, for 220 USD / year, you can organize as many exchanges as you want during 12 months, without any additional costs.
HomeExchange guarantees include relocation in case of cancellation by the host as well as insurance in case of breakage or theft.
Yes, you can do a home exchange unless specifically stated in your lease. It is not necessary to notify the home owner because it is not a sublet: in fact, there is no financial exchange.
In case of cancellation due to Covid 19, the GuestPoints that would be used during the exchange are fully refunded. HomeExchange also offers the 2nd year of membership free to members who were unable to exchange due to the health situation.
No, you can exchange with any type of home, no matter what type of home you have: a small studio in the city for a seaside villa, a farmhouse in the country for a condo. Everything is possible because everyone will find something to suit their desires!