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    With HomeExchange, exchange your home or apartment in your country or around the world for your vacations! Authentic, flexible and safe, home exchange will allow you to discover a new destination at a lower cost, while traveling like a local.\nBy joining, you gain access to over 270,000 homes available in 145 countries.

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    With HomeExchange, registration is free, then members pay an annual fee of 220,00 $US, which allows them to unlock unlimited exchanges for the year.

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    A true cultural melting pot, London has many surprises in store for you! The megalopolis is teeming with dynamic sites and attractions and can easily be visited over and over again!Stroll along the Regent's canal to Camden Town, taste uniquely British pastries in a typical tea room, or stroll among the stalls of Borough Market. For those who love culture, walking, or even fashion, the British capital delivers.You will obviously want to take in the classic and essential British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square, but London is also the ideal city to think outside the box to get caught up in the city’s atmosphere. We suggest you get lost in the district of Shoreditch, a mecca for street art and a veritable open-air gallery. Or be amazed by the “Hardy Tree”, a tree located in the gardens of St Pancras, surrounded by myriad graves worthy of an appearance in a Tim Burton film! Sipping coffee in the pretty, colorful little square at Neal’s yard (a little haven of peace hidden not far from Covent Garden) will delight your taste buds as much as your eyes!And these are just some of the thousands of nuggets in the capital.Tempted by adventure? Join us by registering for free on HomeExchange and go on a cheap vacation to London!Home or apartment swapping really allows you to travel differently. You discover an area while living like a local. To take advantage of these great vacation opportunities, register now at HomeExchange. Registration is completely free. When you sign up, you will be able to browse our entire catalog of houses and apartments in London! Your next vacation is just one home swap away!

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