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Welcome to the most flexible home exchange concept in the world:

The Balloon Exchange program is the key to enjoying thousands of accommodations around the world, for free, without the need for reciprocity. With over 65,000 Listings to select from, your opportunities are endless.

With Balloon Exchange, you earn Balloons by committing to host fellow Members in your home as invited guests while you are home or away. Then, redeem your Balloons to stay anywhere in the world, not just at the home of the Member you hosted.

You earn a Balloon by committing to host a Balloon Holder. Redeem a Balloon to visit any Member’s home anytime.

Here's how it works:

Go where you want to go!
Select from over 65,000 homes around the globe
John in California
agree​s to host you in his home while he is away.
Use your Balloon to stay at John's home.
Who stays in your home?
​You​'ve ​received ​inquiries from Members who have Balloons and want to stay in your home.
You choose from among any of them.
When you commit to host them, you earn another Balloon.
It's that easy.
And in case you're wondering about John
he's going to Paris
using the Balloon he earned from letting you stay at his home.

Everything You Need to Know About Balloon Exchange

We're excited to make HomeExchange even easier with Balloon Exchanges.

Here is a simple introduction to this great new way to travel!

When You Host, You Earn a Balloon

You provide a place to stay during a Balloon Exchange. When you host, you earn a Balloon. A “place to stay” can include the entire home or it can be hospitality, meaning hosting someone in your home while you are there or while you're away.

A Balloon Is Access to a Free Stay

A Balloon can be earned by either committing to host another Member or by renewing a second year of paid membership. Your Balloon can then be used to redeem a one-way-stay through the Balloon Exchange program.

When You Stay, You Use a Balloon

You can earn as many Balloons as you want by hosting other Members. You can redeem them whenever you want, even for extended trips involving sequential exchanges.

All Balloons Have Equal Value

The duration of your stay, and the size and value of your home are not important.

Balloons Don't Expire but...

You will lose any Balloons you may have earned if your Listing expires.

You Can Still Participate in Direct Exchanges

Balloon Exchange is an additional exchange opportunity. You always have the traditional exchange options in addition to Balloons: a simultaneous or non-simultaneous exchange with an exchange partner.

Balloons Provide an Additional Travel Option for Your Convenience

The traditional reciprocal exchange option will always be available to you as a Member.

Explore Balloon Exchanges

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