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Travel lover and avid home exchanger!


After studying tourism in Annecy, Aurélie moved to Auvergne where she worked in institutional tourism as a communication agent. As a Member of Trocmaison since 2007 and ambassador of the site, Aurélie takes advantage of every opportunity to exchange and travel with her family. She enjoys long horseback rides, spending time with her children and surfing the Internet reading travel stories. It is also one of her dreams : discover the world with her family !

Where Aurelie Chapeau has traveled

Norway, Guadeloupe, USA (Montana and Alabama), Canada (Alberta and Quebec), England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria

Favorite Quote

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

One amazing thing she has done

When we went to western Canada, it was the bay season and so the bears were out. Wherever we went hiking, the rangers warned us to be careful. Sellers encouraged us to buy a pepper spray but we refused. Except that during a hike, we heard some noise and we were really scared so remembering the ranger's words "make noise", we ended up hiking by shaking a bunch of keys to signal our presence while in the other hand, in the absence of pepper spray ... the deodorant was ready to be used!

Why she loves

Home exchange is really a life philosophy which emphasizes values ​​that tend to be lost: trust, sharing, open-mindedness, host members with pleasure and rejoicing.