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Collaborative economy enthusiast


Emilie is a very proud mother of 2 little boys. After an MBA in a French Business School (Sup de Co Reims) and 10 years working in sales functions, she decided 2 years ago to go back to Business school and focus on Digital economy. In June of 2014 she completed her thesis about the issues start-ups in the collaborative digital environment face with their development, specifically in France. Her favorite part of the collaborative economy : the EMPOWERMENT that it gives to people! She loves to work with like-minded entrepreneurs to develop new collaborative business ideas that show that the world is full of new possibilities. You can learn more about her passions on the subject here: When she finds free time she enjoy jogging, bio consumption and dancing ! I am very excited to contribute to HE community development thanks to affinity packages I will suggest to existing communities within organisations such as companies, sporting clubs, private networks, etc..

Where Emilie Morcillo has traveled

New York, Mauritius, Spain, Italy, England, Turkey, Israel, Portugal

Favorite Quote

"There is no one who is born under an unlucky star, there are only people who do not read the sky." Dalai Lama " Richest man is not who have the most, but who needs less"

One amazing thing she has done

Jumped from an 8 meters mountain in the sea in Turkey this summer, reminding her of her childhood, she managed to do it again 20 years later...!!! #proudofher

Why she loves

For me the best community ever, because self selected with a marvellous criteria : intellectual curiosity and openess