We make responsible tourism accessible


We provide a responsible and affordable travel option, opening doors for anyone looking to travel more sustainably. Our safe, trusted travel solution democratizes responsible travel.

We make holidays available to everyone

More than 1 in 4 Europeans couldn't afford a week's worth of vacation time in 2018. Since 2011, HomeExchange has been fighting to make home exchange easier, safer and accessible to everyone, by playing a very important social role in enabling many families to go on holiday. The traditional accommodation represents the biggest part of the vacation budget, i.e. 30%, while the annual subscription on HomeExchange is only $150 making home exchange one of the only affordable ways to go on vacation, with the comfort of a house or an apartment.


We democratize responsible tourism

At HomeExchange, we believe that responsible tourism should not be reserved for the elite. Today's travelers want to be careful with their budget while respecting the environment, the authenticity of the places and the communities they visit. Home exchange is one of the only solutions, at an affordable price, that allows people to go on vacation in a responsible way.

We empower our members by giving them all the keys to responsible travel

We want our members to be part of a community with strong and responsible values. To do this, we make sure they are informed, aware and involved in a responsible tourism experience through supportive and educational communication throughout their exchange, with tools like the HomeExchange Academy or guides on our key principles.


We fight against mass tourism


We are a community of solidarity