So you want to get out of town, but you don't want to leave your pets behind? After all, our pets are part of the family, so for most of us it just wouldn't be a family holiday without them. However, the task of finding a pet friendly accommodation can feel daunting and put a damper on our travel plans. When you know the right place to look though, finding a place to stay that extends hospitality to our animals is easy. It may require a little extra planning, but it's worth it to see the world with our animal friends by our side.

Learn more about HomeExchange today and read on to find out about how it's an ideal solution for loving pet owners who want to see the world.

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The Challenges of Finding Pet Friendly Accomodations

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Not all accommodations extend a warm welcome to our furry friends. For pet owners, travel can be a delicate balance between exploring new destinations and ensuring the comfort and safety of our pets. From limited options for pet friendly vacation rentals to strict policies and additional fees, the quest for pet-friendly accommodations can demand thorough research, patience, and flexibility.

Nonetheless, with a determined spirit and the aid of pet-friendly directories and resources like Home Exchange, we can uncover hidden gems where our pets are not only tolerated but genuinely embraced, making our travel experiences all the more memorable and enjoyable for both human and furry companion alike.

HomeExchange Makes Pet Friendly Accomodations Easy

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Many pet owners have already discovered the perks of home exchanging for traveling with their four legged friends. In fact, HomeExchange has a whole category dedicated to pet friendly home exchanges. Whether you're traveling with dogs or traveling with cats, you can enjoy our pet-friendly accommodations to put your mind at ease during your vacation. Here's how and why...

There's equipment adapted to your animal.

Chances are Home Exchange members with pet-friendly accommodations also have four legged friends of their own. You can exchange with them in advance to see about having access to essentials like dog bowls, toys, beds, and more they are willing to share to you can travel light and know your animals will have what they need upon arrival.

You can easily choose a home with a garden.

Many of our pets need a space to run free, but finding this in a hotel for example can be hard. Our search tools let you easily find a place with outdoor space for your animal, and you can exchange with owners in advance to learn about how secure the enclosure is for pets that need to be corralled.

You can find companionship for your animal.

While some furry friends are happy to tag along for travels, others pet owners might feel their pet is better left at home where they are most comfortable. HomeExchange is an excellent solution for this as well. HomeExchange has many animal loving members more than willing to look after pets that stay behind, offering them companionship and care in your absence and giving you peace of mind.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Florida & Beyond

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So you're ready to pack your bags and hit the road with your animals! That's great. You might be wondering where to go, and we're full of our ideas for those with four legged friends. For pet friendly vacation rentals with a private pool, beach access, large yard, nearby hiking, or anything else you and your K9 or feline might enjoy together, why not start with Florida? The sunshine state will welcome you and your furry best friend with pet-friendly accommodations on home exchange that check all those boxes and more. If you're looking to go somewhere else, check out all of HomeExchanges pet friendly places by clicking below.

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What People Say About Pet Friendly Accomodations with HomeExchange

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What better way to learn about our pet friendly accommodations than with testimonials from people who opted for HomeExchange when looking for pet friendly vacation rentals. What do community members had to say about their experience traveling with their four-legged friends? For Shelley, it was a great way to expand her K9's horizons in California, while for Anne she got to keep her dogs daily routine even while traveling abroad.

“We got to explore all of Santa Barbara and were very close to the beach. I was able to bring my dog, Penny, and she LOVED exploring the coastline!” - Shelley

"I discovered the beautiful Parisian suburb of Fontenay-Sous-Bois, and ran with my dog everyday in the nearby Bois de Vincennes” - Anne

Other community members like Sherry and Angela got to share their love for animals by caring for their hosts furry companions during their home exchanges and actually found it to be one of the highlights of their stays. Here's what they had to say...

“We loved taking care of Winston, a friendly doodle, when spending a weekend on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland last year in May. Winston allowed us to play fetch and ended up on the bed at night. How could we say no?” - Sherry

“All our guests have offered to look after our dog during our exchanges and we have some great photos of the guests out enjoying life with our dog happily beside them.” - Angela

See the World with Your Fur Friends By Your Side

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Finding pet-friendly accommodation is easy with HomeExchange, so now more than ever there is no excuse not to see the world with your pets if you want to bring them along for the adventure. Whatever your pet may need with think you can find it with HomeExchange: pet friendly beach rentals, pet friendly vacation rentals with private pool, pet friendly vacation rentals in Florida, or anywhere else you would like to go. If you your pet is better off in the comforts of your home, a home exchange is also the perfect way to find a responsible pet sitter that can offer them companionship in your absence.

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