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Exciting news: GuesttoGuest and HomeExchange are now one united, global community!

What's new

While a few things have been updated, our number one priority is for you to continue to enjoy flexible and secure exchanges.
Explore these exciting new features and let us know if you have any questions or need help.

Our Happiness Team is ready to assist you 24/7.

Your profile, verified

At HomeExchange, building a community based on trust is important to us. With that in mind, we offer free verification for all Members. The simple verification process boosts trust within the network and increases your chances of finding the perfect exchange.

Once our team receives your documentation (ID and a proof of residence) and confirms your identity, you will have the option of only being contacted by fellow verified Members. This option can be found in your Dashboard.
Learn more about verification >

You may notice that some of your information is missing from your Profile. Don’t worry, we are still in the process of bring it over and it could take a few days for it to show up.

Missing your badges? They have been safely stored and will be presented in new way very shortly. Stay tuned! 

Your profile
Your listing

Your Listing and Calendar

Your HomeExchange Listing has been automatically imported. That means your photos, descriptions, and preferred destinations are saved and ready for you to review. We recommend you make sure your profile and home are 100% completed. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Happiness Team.

Please note: your Listing Number has changed. If you click a link that contains an old Listing ID, you will be automatically redirected to its updated version.

We have also improved our Calendar feature to allow you to insert the dates when your home is "Available" for all types of home exchanges or for when you are only looking for Guests ("GuestWanted").
Learn how to use the new Calendar >

Your Balloons are now GuestPoints

When you wish to do a non-reciprocal exchange (one-way exchange), you will use GuestPoints (GP) instead of Balloons. If you prefer reciprocal exchanges (simultaneous and/or non-simultaneous), you can continue to exchange without needing to use GuestPoints.

Did you still have a Balloon on your old Profile? They have been converted into GuestPoints. Each Balloon in your account was given the value of 1500 GP, which could be used for a 10-day extended exchange or around 5 separate weekend exchanges. It's your decision! GuestPoints make it easier than ever to do short-term exchanges. Continue earning GuestPoints by hosting a guest at your home. Learn more about GuestPoints >

Check your Dashboard to see your GuestPoints balance and the value of your home in GuestPoints. Learn about how the value of your home is calculated >

Your improved subscriptions

Your improved subscription

Your 12-month subscription is now called Optimal and includes all of the HomeExchange Service guarantees (Learn more). Your existing subscription has been transferred, so your renewal date remains the same.

With our updated tiers of service, all active Members of this community pay to be a part of it.
Learn more about our pricing >

If you wish to be contacted only by Members of Optimal, you can note that in My Plan page.

Your Loyalty program

We believe that loyalty should be rewarded! With our new Loyalty Program, you benefit from a lower subscription price every year you renew your membership. That means, the longer you are an active Optimal Member, the more you save!

If you have you been an active HomeExchange member for a 1 year or more, your subscription price is already reduced. Learn more about the Loyalty Program 

Loyalty program

Your Happiness Team and Guarantees

Need a little extra help? Tom, Nathalie, Kristina and the rest of the team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our chat window. All of the familiar Happiness Team members are still here for you! Contact us >

That's not all! As an added level of protection, every home exchange is now covered in case of cancellation, damage, or non-compliance. It's included in your Optimal subscription. That means our team is there for you through any unforeseen circumstances; whether you are a host or a guest. It's our way to guarantee you a secure and successful exchange experience. Learn more >

Earn GuestPoints by referring your friends

You asked for it and we heard you: the HomeExchange Referral Program is finally here! Each time you refer friends or family to HomeExchange, you earn GuestPoints that can be use for your future exchanges. Start referring your friends >

Referring your friends
Messaging System

Your updated messaging system

All your existing conversations have been transferred to your new Inbox and all your confirmed exchanges are still confirmed and registered. This new messaging system is easy to use and incorporates a refreshed exchange registration process. 
Learn more about your messaging system >

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