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The home exchange concept started back in the 1950s and was primarily used by teachers and academics as a way to avoid the high cost of hotels or rented accommodations during sabbaticals or summer travel. They found it was a great way to experience more authentic travels and learn about different cultures. 

HomeExchange was the first company to bring the home swap experience to the world wide web and create a community of global travelers. On the HomeExchange platform, teachers and travelers of all kinds, can meet and organize home swaps and save money on their vacation expenses. HomeExchange is now the #1 home exchange platform in the world with more than 100,000 active members in over 130 countries. 

Why is HomeExchange a great way to travel for teachers?

A community built on trust

SAVE money on accommodation costs allowing you to travel more and spend on the fun stuff

BELONG to a community who shares common values and explore the world authentically   

LIVE in the comfort of the home of a local and get a real feel for the area you are visiting  


EXCHANGE without worry with our 24/7 member support and our damage protection up to $1M

 Reviews from teachers who home exchange

Stories from our members

Amy and Doug

Amy and Doug

"As teachers, we have a limited budget and home exchange helps minimize accommodation costs so we can spend our money on having fun when we get to our destination. We were hesitant about having someone else stay in our home at first. But HomeExchange feels more like having a house sitter and a house guest than a situation where there is money involved. We view exchanging our home as a kindness. We are so grateful when someone shares their home with us and appreciate when others feel the same."

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Jessica and Tómas

Jessica and Tómas

"We have enjoyed many magical trips each in our own way through a variety of home exchanges in Paris, Spain, and Denmark. Each trip has their own special vibe and has provided a great family experience, especially as the children grew older. Every destination offered a different set of activities, cultural insights, and historical contexts for the kids to explore and enjoy. You can never experience something new a second time, but you can enjoy something again through the eyes of your children."

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Teachers Lisa and Eric

Lisa and Eric

"What’s so nice is that you are present in a place where locals live as opposed to a resort or even an AirBnb. Of course, the best advantage as a retired educator is the saving of costs. But you don’t get to know a place unless you live with the people or around the people where you get to know their lifestyle, and special places. For example, often hosts leave tips or gift certificates to their favorite places so you get a real flavor that you wouldn’t get if you were staying in a hotel or a resort."

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