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HomeExchange is a community of like-minded travellers with many things to share - stories, recommendations, tips, etc. With our Facebook groups, you can be in touch with thousands of other members to share your experiences and to enjoy special privileges.

What goes on in the groups?

What goes on in the groups?

Discuss with other members about anything related to HomeExchange


Get inspiration and ideas for your next holiday


Ask for advice, tips and other information related to HomeExchange and traveling


Share your experiences with thousands of other members and your best practices with newbies


Share with the HomeExchange team your feedback and recommendations for our platform


Get sneak peeks at content and features before the rest of the community

Which group should I join?

We have a total of four Facebook groups, three of which are reserved exclusively for members with an active membership and one that is open to anyone who is interested in getting to know about HomeExchange or who’ve just started trying this new way of travelling.

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All our groups are closed meaning that what happens in the groups stays in the group and are not visible to those who are not part of it. Our groups are moderated by the HomeExchange team members with the help of passionate HomeExchange Ambassadors.

How to join?

Go to either of the groups below, click on “Join group”, answer a few simple questions and wait for approval!

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HomeExchangers in English

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HomeExchangers en Francais

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HomeExchangers en Español

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All About HomeExchange

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If you're not already a member, take the annual membership to unlock access to all the Facebook groups, amongst other benefits!

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Let's Live and Travel Responsibly

This Facebook group is dedicated to the subject of living and traveling responsibly. Join others members, all committed to this cause, as we share news and have discussions about how we can do better for the planet.