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What is it to be a HomeExchange Ambassador?

The HomeExchange Ambassadors are avid home exchangers, who participate in helping us expand and animate the community. Ambassadors are our representatives out in the community!

They are the voice of the Community and also help us spread the word about HomeExchange by convincing more people to join and start exchanging their home with confidence and enthusiasm.

Can I be a HomeExchange Ambassador?

Ambassadors have a true passion for HomeExchange and represent the highest standard of home exchanging. They are loyal HomeExchange members, have done more than 5 successful exchanges, have got multiple positive reviews, have got 100% response rate and their HomeExchange listing recalls confidence and safety. Is this you? Join us! 

What can Ambassadors do?

Aidez les membres de la communauté


Often, the product team looks for avid Members who wish to try the new features of the app and/or website. Ambassadors who wish to can do UX tests with the product team, provide feedback or become beta testers of the newest features.

Partagez vos expériences d'échange de maison


Become the admin of a Facebook Group and be responsible to keep the conversation up, answer to the questions of members, welcome new members who join and help create a positive, neutral and welcoming attitude, within the line of the group rules/guidelines. Currently, 10 amazing Ambassadors help manage our Facebook Groups.

Faites grandir la communauté


Journalists often ask us to get to interview a member in order to get the true feeling of HomeExchange. When we receive a request from the Media, we contact Ambassadors on that region and ask who is available and willing to take part. 

Aidez les membres de la communauté


Guide members in their first steps on the website by participating in our community Live Chat, available in 6 languages.  Currently, 20 amazing Ambassadors around the world take part in the Community chat.
Partagez vos expériences d'échange de maison


Ambassadors are the best advocates of HomeExchange and therefore your real experiences are worth a thousands adverts! Ambassadors are welcome to share their experience on TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…  

You can also send us your testimonial. Tell us world why you love HomeExchange, what has been your best exchange so far, how far have you travelled with HomeExchange. This could be an opportunity to be published on our blog or get an interview with a journalist.

Faites grandir la communauté


Tell the world how amazing HomeExchange is! Talk the talk about HomeExchange to your colleagues, neighbors, friends and family. Moreover, you can also co-organize meetups.

What are the advantages?


no obligation. it's flexible.

Your participation is vital to our success but is always optional. There is no commitment: you help whenever you want and however you want. When we have an opportunity (it could be an interview in your area, or a newbie member who wants to meet an Ambassador to dissipate doubts…) we will get in touch with you and you will be able to accept or decline the opportunity.



You can have personal contact with the HomeExchange team. Be able to chat with the different teams and discuss together your suggestions and ideas  on how to improve HomeExchange.


be the first to know

Receive our monthly newsletter exclusive for Ambassadors. Be the first in the community to know what’s going on, what will be the new features, what will change and how HomeExchange is expanding.

Who are our existing Ambassadors?

"When I experimented home exchange for the first time, it really was a revelation! It's impossible to go back, so from now on I will definitely be using home exchange for all of my vacations! Naturally, I am talking about home exchange with my peers, and why not help the members on the site address their fears and reply to their questions? Every day it is a great pleasure to rediscover the little community of Ambassadors!" 


Ambassador since January 2016

"I have been a HomeExchange Ambassador since almost the beginning of my HomeExchange experience, a role which immediately interested me because it fitted with my vision of exchanging and sharing. Also, it enabled me to learn the site quickly and take full advantage. I integrated immediately into the team and was guided by HomeExchange, and the technical support I offered to members was always appreciated. It has been a pleasure!"


Ambassador since July 2015

"In addition to the community chat where I respond to members' queries every day in my spare time, along with the other Ambassadors, to best guide the members in their use of the site, I go over comments and bugs and even test new functionalities on the site! I also promote the site whenever possible (vie internet or by distributing flyers in my local area etc). In April 2016, I organised the first GuestNight in Rouen, along with the HomeExchange team."


Ambassador since June 2015

Join the Ambassador Program

You have a true passion for HomeExchange, have been a happy Member for several years
and your profile is filled up with wonderful reviews.  When you are invited to a dinner,
people are amazed by your unique experiences  travelling the world with HomeExchange
and you can't stop talking about them to anyone you meet.
Yes, without a doubt, you are one of us!

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