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    Known for its grilled sardines, beaches and pastei de nata, Portugal is sure to delight the whole family!Whether you are going on vacation for two weeks or a weekend, with family, friends, or solo, Portugal has a lot to offer and you'll find many ways to discover the country and enjoy the sun.If you're looking for a break from your busy life and want some relaxation, Portugal has no shortage of beaches to choose from! In the Algarve in southern Portugal, you'll find the most famous beaches, with long stretches of soft, fine sand. Beaches to check out include Praia da Marinha or the Praia da Falesia, perfect for spending time with your travel companions in complete serenity. For diving enthusiasts, head to the Praia de Galapos not far from Lisbon; for surfing, try Praia da Nazaré, halfway along the coast.For more cultural activities, don't miss the chance to visit Porto and Lisbon, which have a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, museums and monuments, and will draw you in with their quiet, welcoming charm. In Lisbon, don't miss a ride on the pitorresque tram 28, which will take you from the most touristy areas and let you enjoy grilled sardines and take a leisurely stroll on foot. Go to the Belém district to taste the famous pastei de nata at the foot of the famous tower.Don't forget to go to Sintra, a small town about an hour's drive from Lisbon, where you can visit the Moorish and Manueline-style National Palace of Sintra, worth a visit for its original architecture and the panoramic view it offers of the region.Want to discover Portugal for your next vacation? Organize a home exchange with HomeExchange! Registering and searching for your first exchange is free, and you will have access to all our houses and apartments in Portugal for a cheap and authentic holiday. In addition to the advantages of staying in a fully equipped house, you will be welcomed as if you were at home by the members of the HomeExchange community and you will benefit from the advice and recommendations of your hosts as you plan a unique stay.

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