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    Exchange vacation homes - Lisbon

    The capital of Portugal and a cosmopolitan port city, Lisbon will charm you with its quiet yet dynamic atmosphere, colorful facades and friendly people. Whether you travel in summer or winter, with family, friends or as a couple, visiting Lisbon with a home exchange will allow you to enjoy its unique and authentic charm at a low price, while taking advantage of the many activities the city has to offer, thanks to the valuable recommendations of your hosts. If you travel in June, you will have the opportunity to attend the Festas Lisboa. Lisbon's festivities in full swing from June 12 to 20 for the week of the Festas dos Santos Populares (Feast of the Popular Saints): concerts, balls, street entertainment, fireworks, and food will be waiting for you, with a festive atmosphere that is second to none. On the gastronomy side, let yourself be tempted by the famous "pastéis de nata" de Belém. These delicious sweet flans will delight foodies! Of course, try grilled sardines, a typical dish from Portugal and Lisbon!In addition to the various museums, monuments, parks and other cultural sights that Lisbon has to offer, you can also get away from the city and indulge in more sporting activities. Consider a visit to the city of Sintra to enjoy the hikes that this stretch of coast offers, or a lazy weekend by the sea in one of the small villages that can be reached very easily by train from Lisbon.Exchange your house or apartment with a HomeExchanger from Lisbon and discover the city in a unique way.

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