Volunteers for the Olympic Games 2024: still looking for accommodation? HomeExchange can help!

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Are you volunteering for the 2024 Olympic or Paralympic Games, and still looking for affordable accommodation? HomeExchange can help!

At HomeExchange, we want to make vacations accessible to everyone, at any time of year, through the key values of sharing, hospitality and authentic travels. And we believe that even during the most extraordinary events, everyone should have access to affordable accommodation, especially the volunteers who so generously give their time and energy to help organize these events.

That's why, if you're a volunteer still looking for accommodation and you find a home swap via HomeExchange for the duration of your time as a volunteer, we'll give you a free annual membership to our platform*.

What is HomeExchange?

The world's first home exchange community

HomeExchange makes it easy for travelers from all over the world to exchange their house or apartment, securely and without any financial transactions between them. With over 170,000 members in 145 countries, discover an affordable, authentic and safe way to travel!

Two types of exchange

This is the "traditional" exchange: you are welcomed into the homes of members who will also come and stay in your home. This could be at the same time or on different dates!

If members are available to host you but don't want to go to your home, you give them GuestPoints, which they can use to go to someone else's home.

Every member receives welcome GuestPoints when they sign up, and then when they welcome someone into their home!

How to benefit from the membership offered to Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 volunteers 

If you:

  • Are a volunteer for the 2024 Olympic or Paralympic Games
  • Need accommodation for the duration of your volunteering, but haven't found any yet
  • Are not yet a HomeExchange member, but would like to discover how to exchange your home
  • And have a home (as a tenant or owner) that you're committed to listing on the HomeExchange site, so that you can in turn welcome members from our community over the next 12 months.

Then follow the steps below!

Step 1 - Sign up for free on HomeExchange

It's easy and it's free!

Sign up

Step 2 - Complete and verify your personal profile and home listing

This is an essential step in introducing yourself to the community and building trust. Nobody responds to requests from someone with an empty profile!

  • Start by creating your home listing: describe your home, your neighborhood and the surrounding area, add a few photos and you're all set!
  • Then complete your personal profile: add a photo and introduce yourself. Explain that you're looking for an exchange for your period of volunteering for the Olympic or Paralympic Games.
  • Finally, have your profile verified: our team will verify your telephone number, identity and address free of charge, so that other members know they can trust you.

Complete your profile

Step 3 - Find an exchange for your volunteering time

Search for the city and dates you're interested in, and contact the members whose homes would meet your needs!

You can arrange a reciprocal exchange (you'll also host the members you'll be staying with) or for GuestPoints, depending on your preferences and the length of your volunteering period.

Our advice: Make sure you introduce yourself and explain why you want to visit this city on this date, and what attracted you to this member and their home. Home exchanging has nothing to do with short-term rentals. It's a human adventure, and it's important to create a bond with the person you're proposing an exchange to.

Look for an exchange

Step 4 - Contact us before July 1st 2024 to benefit from a free membership

Once you've managed to find an exchange for the duration or part of your volunteering, your host will need to pre-approve the exchange and then you'll need to finalize it.

This is when you'll be asked to pay the annual membership fee. Before paying for it, please contact us via this form before July 1st 2024, indicating "Volunteer for the Olympic Games 2024" in the subject line, for us to give you a free annual membership to finalize the exchange.

In the description, share with us:

  • The email address you used to create your HomeExchange account
  • The name of the member with whom you will finalize an exchange for the 2024 Olympic or Paralympic Games
  • The dates and location of your exchange

Include an attachment that proves your participation in the 2024 Olympic or Paralympic Games. This must include your first and last name, as well as the period of time and city concerned.

Important: Please note that to benefit from this membership offer, you must also commit to welcoming members of the HomeExchange community in return, either during your volunteering period if you have the opportunity (reciprocal exchange) or over the following 12 months (as a non-simultaneous reciprocal exchange, or for GuestPoints, if you prefer).

Contact us

Why HomeExchange?

Find out all about it!The most authentic, human and responsible way to travel

For renters & owners

In a house or an apartment, owner or renter, home exchanging is for everyone!

Travel & save

Unlimited travels during 12 months for the price of one night in a hotel, thanks to our annual membership.

With foolproof guarantees

Travel with peace of mind: our guarantees protect your exchanges and your home against the unexpected.

*Conditions :

Offer reserved for:

  • non-members of HomeExchange
  • official volunteers for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • those looking for accommodation in or around the cities of Paris, Marseille, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, Châteauroux, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Saint-Etienne and Tahiti for the period of their volunteering.

To take advantage of the free membership, you need to:

  • sign up and create an account on HomeExchange
  • find a home exchange in or around the city concerned and on the dates concerned by your volunteering duties, before July 1st 2024
  • contact HomeExchange Member Support before July 1st 2024, before finalizing the exchange
  • present proof of volunteering