The first children's book about sharing... through home exchanging

A book for families: for Victors aged 3-8 but also for adult Victors who might still be too attached to their stuff!

An engaging and authentic story, invented and written by the HomeExchange team and inspired by members' testimonials.

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Victor Doesn't Like to Share

Victor is a little boy who LOVES toys. There is only one kind of toy that Victor doesn't like: ones that are shared. Toys are sacred. Lending them to anyone is out of the question, even to his little brother Paul. A sibling could drool on them, damage them, lose them or even worse, refuse to give them back.

When Victor's family decides to go on vacation to San Francisco with a home exchange, he hides all of his toys in his double-locked wooden trunk, to make sure that the little American girl who is coming to stay at his home can't get to them. But when he arrives in San Francisco at his exchange house, Victor discovers that the little girl has left everything out for him to enjoy. What will Victor do?

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From Self-Publishing in French...

"Victor Doesn't Like to Share" was born from the imagination of Roser, Alice and Jessica, a small group of HomeExchange colleagues, inspired by a personal anecdote, and fed by the testimonies of children (and parents) who are members of the community. They have frequently related funny and touching stories that also provide examples of sharing through home exchange.

Surrounded by professionals of the sector, Marion Gautier, a member of the team, wrote the story, and illustrator Marta Moreno, who created the drawings of El Hilo Invisible (6th edition) or La Fuente Escondida, joined the team to give shape to Victor. the Purchase of the Rights by Penguin Random House

Less than 4 months after the launch of the book, the publishing house Penguin Random House has bought the rights to the story and will publish the Spanish version, to be available in Spanish bookstores soon!

The whole team is very proud of this opportunity. We will be sure to notify the community as soon as the book is published in more languages!


The First Readers Give their Opinions

It is very beautiful, and we thought the story and illustrations were great. Well done! 

Audrey, 3 exchanges

Just read to my 3 children before dinner. They loved it and happily answered the questions at the end! 

Nolwenn, 14 exchanges

'Well Mom, my little brother is really Paul.' and also: 'Mom, it's crazy, they do a house exchange too!' Big hit at home.

Agathe, 25 exchanges

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