Discover the Joys of Home Exchanging

What makes the home exchanging experience so unique and rewarding is not only getting to travel authentically without spending much, but also being able to share your home and safehaven with new friends from all over the world.

Why host?

Travel the world thanks to your home

One of our HomeExchange fundamentals is “To be welcomed is promising to welcome in return".

By hosting other members in your home, you can earn GuestPoints which you can then use to travel to a destination of your choice! Organizing reciprocal exchanges, where you go to your exchange partner’s home and they go to yours is another way your home can help you travel the world.

Be the highlight of another member’s trip

Hosting other members in your home not only helps them to save on accommodation costs (just like you do when you travel with HomeExchange), it also gives you the opportunity to help them have a once-in-a-lifetime trip! Thanks to you and your recommendations, they’ll be able to discover where you live like a true local - staying in a fully-equipped home and exploring the hidden gems that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

But what if…

“What if no one wants to come to my home?”
“What if an accident happens?” “
"I don’t know how I should prepare my home for them!”

We know it can be scary getting started; almost all of us have been through it when we first started hosting but you’ll quickly realize that there’s nothing to worry about! Between the guides and checklists we’ve prepared to help you, our HomeExchange Academy, hundreds of experienced members in our Facebook groups and of course, our member support team, we’re sure you’ll get the advice and reassurance you need to get started.

Ways to host

Reciprocal exchanges

This kind of exchange happens when you and your exchange partner go to each others’ homes. This can be at the same time or at different times. So while your exchange partner hosts you, you are also hosting them!

GuestPoints exchanges

GuestPoints exchanges

This kind of exchange happens when your home is empty (maybe because you are visiting family or you are on vacation elsewhere) so you decide to host HomeExchangers in your home in exchange for GuestPoints.

Hospitality exchanges

Have a spare bedroom in your home or a detached guest house? You can offer hospitality exchanges, where HomeExchangers can come stay with you while you are also home and offer you GuestPoints for it

How to find guests?

Use the reverse search

Use the reverse search

Did you know we have a reverse search function that allows you to find members who have your hometown, region, or country saved in their preferred destinations? This tool shows you the people interested visiting where you live so don’t hesitate to write to them to see if they would like to come to your home! Learn more about the reverse search here.

Add your availabilities to your calendar

Add your availabilities to your calendar

This will make it easier for members to look for an exchange where you live during your available periods. Watch our video about the calendar and how to update it here.

Look for exchanges in our Facebook groups

Look for exchanges in our Facebook groups

Join our private Facebook groups. We have many active members who often share their listings looking for guests and hosts! Join our Facebook groups here. (Psst! It’s also a great place to ask for general advice or open discussions with experienced members of the community.)

Our members love hosting

Our members share their stories

Anna and Alex
We love to let our guests experience Barcelona from a local's point of view. Anyone can visit Barcelona for 3 days and stay in the city center, but how many people can experience the real Barcelona? We offer them (we believe) helpful advice to love our city as much as we do.

Anna and Alex, 16 exchanges

Our family has enjoyed preparing our home to share with others. After not being able to welcome others into our home for so long during COVID, our kids have been excited at the idea of practicing hospitality and having another family come relax in our home.

Tera, 2 exchanges

My hosts were very kind. Catherine had prepared two typical Breton dresses for my 5 year old daughter as they were too small for her little girl. I loved this attention, as if we knew each other even though we have never met.

Nolwenn, 10 exchanges

Finalized your first exchange as a host and you’d like some advice?

Discover our HomeExchange Academy, where we share with you some resources and tips from our team and members to help you prepare for your first exchange!

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