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Summer vacation is approaching quickly! Find an accommodation, thanks to home exchange. A large selection of homes is waiting for you in the most beautiful destinations in the world. Travel anywhere, live an authentic experience, and save on your travel budget!

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HomeExchange is present in 159 countries

This summer vacation, spend less and enjoy more. Whether you're alone, a family, a couple, or with friends, don't miss this key moment of the year. Start planning now for the summer by finding your dream house in your favorite destinations!

By the sea, in the country, in the city or mountains, finding fully-equipped lodgings, comfortable and well situated isn't always easy. However, getting the comfort of a nice hotel while feeling at home, a location that suits everyone, and within your budget is possible. HomeExchange offers accommodation adapted to all your needs in 159 countries. With home exchange, save more than 30% on your travel budget.

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