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Enjoy your next chapter or retirement by taking a vacation! This is an ideal time to get out and travel the world. By joining HomeExchange,  you will have access to a vast community of home exchangers around the world. Save money and travel with all the comforts of home. It's simple: choose a destination, find a home, and enjoy!

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Looking for inexpensive senior travel ideas? HomeExchange lets you see the world and save money on accommodation costs. Organizing a trip to see the grandchildren?  Looking to cross off a few bucket list destinations?Whatever your story, there is a house somewhere in the world waiting for you.  Traveling with HomeExchange is not just affordable, but also relaxing.  You can organize an exchange that meets all of your needs and  ensures you feel at home  anywhere in the world.  Going on vacation has never been easier!
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Hosting & Friendships

"Our first exchange we were nervous about the whole process, but were pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything went." Learn more about Debi's experience hosting people in her home from England, Spain, Italy and Australia.

Debi, 25 exchanges

Compliance Guarantee

Travel & Savings

"My dad died before he was able to retire, but he was always a big traveler and dreamed of seeing the world, so I retired at 59 with the goal to see one country for every year of my age." Saving with HomeExchange allowed him to do it

William, 100 exchanges

Damage Coverage

Community Spirit

Kim, a newbie to our community, shares some tips she received from experienced members she met in Australia. As they told Kim, "HomeExchange is all about people, those who make the experience priceless."

Kim, 3 exchanges

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