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While looking for a new low-cost way to travel, Nathalie discovered home exchange: "We used to put all our money into the vacation rental and never had enough money to enjoy other activities, but this is no longer the case thanks to home exchange! With the money we save, we can visit museums and attractions with fast-track tickets or splurge on restaurants. "

What is home exchange?

Home exchange is a practice that allows you to go on vacation without paying for your accommodation. Thanks to our innovative services and trusted community, home exchange is attracting more and more families. On average, traveling by home exchange can save you over $600. 


A Holiday home for 3x less

More than 300,000 members have now joined our HomeExchange community, making us the world leader in home exchange.

What is the advantage of home exchange? You get to enjoy our money saving accommodation and have the additional option to include trust boosting services like security deposit or insurance. With homes in more than 180 countries, you can find a vacation home with a pool nearly anywhere in the world.


Where to go on home exchange this summer? 

France is the leading destination of home exchange. With more than 100,000 active French members, it is now possible to do an exchange anywhere in France. Brittany, Provence, the Atlantic Coast or the South of France are the most popular destinations. You can also hop on over to Italy, Spain or Portugal.

20,000 Homes with Pools Available this Summer 

Looking for vacation home with a private pool this summer? Sign up on HomeExchange and choose your destination. To go to a holiday home with a pool, just add the filter "pool" and search from our selection of over 20,000 homes available between July and August 2018.


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 40 Homes with Pools to Stay in this Summer

Thousands of members are waiting to host you in their homes this year. Hurry and contact them before it's too late!