Make this holiday a party for one!

With everything from Amanda's famous solo feast in The Holiday 

Who says a solo holiday can’t still be festive? That’s why we’ve created the Solo Holiday Party Pack, full of everything in Amanda’s cart in The Holiday. We’re giving fans of the beloved romcom the opportunity to live out the film with a chance to win their very own Solo Holiday Party Pack.

The contest

To pay homage to the film's locations, the contest will be open to solo holiday-ers in the UK and California (USA) and will run from November 27th to December 13th, 2023.

To enter, fill out and submit the dedicated Typeform below for a chance to win a Solo Holiday Party Pack.

Enter now!

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What's in the pack? 

  • 3 bottles of red wine
  • 1 bag of assorted chocolate truffles
  • 1 bottle of Napoletana pasta sauce
  • 1 loaf of bread
  • 2 packets of spaghetti
  • 1 wheel of brie
  • 1 small Snowdonia cheese
  • 3 snowman cookies
  • 2 jars of green olives
  • 1 jar of cashew nuts
  • 1 box of mince pies
  • 2 bags of crisps
  • 1 tin of crackers
  • 1 chocolate box
  • 1 royal icing Christmas cake
  • 1 Christmas pudding
  • 1 corkscrew
  • 1 DVD of The Holiday

Working with Miffy Englefield

17 years ago, Miffy starred alongside Cameron Diaz as Jude Law's daughter Sophie in The Holiday. Now, with a daughter of her own, Miffy is revisiting the film in a fun way.

We worked with Miffy as a nod to the next generation of The Holiday.. with a true to the original recreation of the iconic holiday-for-one scene.

Miffy and her family recently embarked on a home exchange of their own, which she documented for fans of the film on her popular TikTok account.

What is HomeExchange and how does it work?

HomeExchange is the actual website featured in The Holiday - helping a community of 150,000 real people in 140+ countries to swap homes for more affordable and authentic vacations. 


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