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Travel with HomeExchange

Is it possible to save thousands and still go on great family vacations? YES! 

By exchanging your home! Home exchange is an old concept but it is the latest travel trend families around the world are using to go on vacations. While home exchange is a peer to peer home swap, where you stay at someone's abode while they stay at yours, but not always the exchange needs to be simultaneous as there's more than one way to swap homes. It is a great vacation alternative for many families to save money on their vacations.   

 Affordable vacations anywhere in the world

Our members at HomeExchange have saved more than 30% on vacations with their families. Even a 3 week holiday could be accomplished at a very low budget. With HomeExchange you have several ways to organize an exchange, including the GuestPoints system that allows you to use points across the network.

What's more? You can go on great vacations just about anywhere without having to pay nightly for hotels, rent a car or eat out all the time. When you go on family vacations to popular destinations you always return home to a big credit card bill, while with HomeExchange you can travel with your family to any fancy destination of your choice without having to worry about your budget. 


A unique way to travel with your family

Home exchange is more than just accommodation, you discover new places, make new connections, indulge in a new culture, and enjoy hospitality with endless activities for your children. Don't let high vacation cost limit your travel options and forbid you from traveling the world because with HomeExchange it is entirely possible to go on unforgettable vacations with any budget. But just as important is the very different holiday experience you will enjoy with your family.  


The possibilities of home exchange are endless, give your family the best vacations at almost no cost. Join the home exchange community with over 400,000 homes in 187 countries!