When I travel, I don’t normally do home exchanges…

But I am not mainstream anymore!

Usually, holidays imply expenses, traffic jams and stress, a whole lot of stress…. But not anymore! Discover HomeExchange and the countless benefits of home exchanging.

The 5 benefits of home exchange

1- Travel light!

USUALLY, holidays are associated with big suitcases, baby prams, bikes, sheets, olive oil and other miscellaneous items… an entire relocation! And sometimes, all for an accommodation that doesn’t even suit your family’s needs…Those times are now over!
With HomeExchange and our system, everybody can have their own room, you can enjoy the comfort of a fully-equipped house, with sheets, olive oil and all the likes! Not to mention the availability of bicycles, surfboards, air mattresses… Discover the joys of traveling light and feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders! Roll on to the holidays!

I want to travel light


2- Live like a local while you travel

USUALLY, when traveling, good bars and restaurants options are found in one’s traveling guide for the perfect tourist. As a result, these spots are often packed with tourists, skyrocketing prices and no charm whatsoever… the perfect combination for a real downer! Those days are long gone!
Now, when you stay in someone else's real home, where people live all year round, you tend to blend in with the local population: the groceries you'll cook for dinner come from the local outdoor food market, there's actually a point in discovering the area, getting to know your temporary neighbors and trust your hosts on their favorite addresses to eat and/or have a drink. These promise life-long memories with your families and new acquaintances from all over the world!

I want to travel like a local

3- Peace of mind

USUALLY, before leaving for a holiday, you had to find someone to look after the cat, to water the plants and the garden, ask the neighbors to keep an eye on your house and then to just hope for the best! No need for this hassle anymore!
Traveling while using a home exchange system comes with a great peace of mind: you can trust your guests to look after your home (and your tomatoes) while you are away. They could even send some news of your cat! On top of these, we also have HomeExchange Service so you can be ready to leave the stress behind.

I want to travel stress-free


4- Travel when you want, however you want and for as long as you want!

BEFORE, holidays were a precious thing - as far as budget was concerned. Everybody took a traditional two-weeks break, usually in July, Saturday to Saturday. It’s the same every year. Not anymore!
Long live freedom, whoooooo!!! What a charming house! What a tempting offer! What if we went away for the next long weekend? Oh and what if we agreed to this home exchange proposition for next summer? What about this little cottage, for the winter holidays? Oh and…..You are going to need to make some choices. Or not. With HomeExchange, going away for a few days (or more) will be an all-year round occurrence! Subscribe to our Optimal plan to travel as much as you want!

I want to travel as much as I want

5- When traveling becomes a means of giving, receiving… and sharing

USUALLY, during the holidays people are used to sharing the already-crowded pool or the road (oh, the joys of traffic jams). And the occasional ‘welcome gifts’ at hotels were considered sufficient… Well, not anymore!
Imagine yourself, arriving at your hosts’ home straight from the airport, and discovering a charming note and welcome basket that they have put together specially for you. The kids, reluctant at first to let unknown kids use their bedroom, are now thrilled to discover “their”’ new toys and bedrooms! Teaching the youngest members of the family important values such as sharing and trust is also part of the house exchange experience. Isn’t that great?

I want to travel… and share the fun!


Hundreds of thousands of travelers have already adopted it: start exchanging your house too with HomeExchange!

I want to start exchanging my home now!