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    With HomeExchange, exchange your home or apartment in your country or around the world for your vacations! Authentic, flexible and safe, home exchange will allow you to discover a new destination at a lower cost, while traveling like a local. By joining, you gain access to over 270,000 homes available in +145 countries.

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    With HomeExchange, registration is free, then members pay an annual fee of 220,00 $US, which allows them to unlock unlimited exchanges for the year.

    Exchange vacation homes - France

    Want to (re)discover France and its diverse regions during a weekend with friends or family? Summer or winter, by the sea or in the mountains, in the countryside or the city, there is no shortage of ideas for destinations on your vacation to France! For a truly authentic holiday at a low price, home exchange is the ideal solution for cheap accommodation while meeting new people and immersing yourself in local life!Whether you're looking to go to Normandy, the Alps, or the French Riviera, members of the HomeExchange community are everywhere in France to help you feel at home!Are you more interested in a relaxing holiday on the beach or the pool? Get your sunscreen and hats, and this summer, head for Provence, the Ardèche, the Basque coast, the Arcachon basin, the Mediterranean coast, or Brittany to exchange your home!Are you looking for cultural escapades for a weekend? Our members are also waiting for you at the Loire castles for a stay combining historical visits and wine tasting in the surrounding vineyards, in Toulouse to learn more about the area, in Paris to soak up art and culture, and in Sète to discover George Brassens! If you're the active type looking for adventure and sports, look for a home exchange in the Alps or the Pyrenees for wonderful hikes in the summer and skiing in the winter, or in the Verdun gorges for all kinds of water activities for the whole family, or in the Landes for a surfing course.HomeExchange will allow you to experience your vacation destination like a local, thanks to the advice and recommendations of your hosts. You'll also be saving 80% on your housing budget, not to mention the savings on your meal budget, since you will be able to benefit from the fully equipped kitchen of your exchange house.HomeExchange allows you to go on vacation in a responsible and collaborative way at a low cost. You welcome a member of the community into your home, and in return you will be welcomed into a new home! What are you waiting for? Organize your next home exchange in France!

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