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    One of the best decisions that you can ever make is to take a trip to Paris and visit the legendary Eiffel Tower! If that isn’t good enough to make this trip worthwhile then just imagine visiting The Palaces of Versailles which is one of the largest and most opulent castles in the world! Not only will you be blown away from the sight of all the beautiful things that Paris has to offer you : Montmartre, The Sacré Coeur, The Champs-Elysées. But everyone knows that Paris is filled with some of the most exquisite cuisine and wine in the world! You can certainly spend time dining at different restaurants or cafe's, delighting in all the different variety of food and wines! Although Paris itself is enough to make you want to come here, there is no better way to enjoy the real magic of Paris, than by sharing your house or apartment during your holiday vacation ! Interested in joining this adventure? Do not hesitate, become a HomeExchange member and join for free our community today! Our catalog of apartments and houses in Paris are fully accessible once you become a member.

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