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    Exchange vacation homes - Denmark

    They say that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Find out for yourself by planning a trip to Denmark on a home exchange. With a house swap, you can go on an cheap vacation, experience the destination as a local and enjoy the recommendations of your exchange partners.Choosing to go to Denmark on vacation can give you access to the whole country. It is so easy to get around the country by car and to visit the different areas of Denmark: the North Sea with its extensive and gorgeous beachesthe rural farmland of Jutland in central Denmark, Legoland, and other parks and attractions in Billund, the city of Aarhus, and of course, the quintessential city of Copenhagen.Most of the accommodations which are available for a vacation home exchange are concentrated in Copenhagen. It is likely that your exchange partners can lend you bicycles so that you visit Copenhagen like a local. Hop on a bike or stroll on foot to visit the famous Little Mermaid, the Tivoli amusement park, the anarchic city of Christiania or the harbor at sunset.A trip to Denmark is a family friendly holiday option where you’ll find many special services designed for families with children, as well as many natural and ecological play areas. Home exchanges in Denmark, which, by the way is an open, tolerant, and respectful country, provide opportunities for adventure excursions and tons of outdoor activities.

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