We are on the road to sustainability


The impact of our company is primarily reflected in the behavior of our members who participate in responsible tourism. We try to be the change we want to see in the world, that’s why we are involved in sustainable development.

We develop our growth through sustainable production and consumption methods that improve living conditions

We are committed to a responsible purchasing policy, which includes respect for good working conditions, choosing to buy eco-friendly products from local suppliers, conscious and thoughtful waste reduction policy, but also provision of tools that allow everyone to act and work in a conscious, reasoned and responsible manner. We also work with the NEA group, a French limited company of cooperative form which is our IT provider. The group is certified as an "Adapted Company" under an agreement with the State, and employs a majority of disabled employees in adapted working conditions. Finally, we are very close to our community, doing our best to provide them the best service and creating a lasting relationship of trust.


We love and care a lot about our employees, so we try to provide the workplace they deserve

HomeExchange can be defined as a freedom-form company, where trust, responsibility and collaboration are at the heart of our organizational model. We encourage cohesion in our teams with different activities and are focused on well-being at work. We foster a healthy work-life balance and build a long term perspective with our employees. We think that diversity contributes to a successful business; that is why we recognize and promote all talents and create the conditions for an inclusive organization, by ensuring recruitment based on skills without any discrimination, promoting gender equality (more than 50% of our managers are women) and having an international and multicultural team.
Finally, we are committed to encouraging our Team to make a contribution to the world we live in, through a Volunteer Time off program.

Earth is the home of each of us, we protect it

Aware of the impact of companies on the environment, we try to do our best and always look for better initiatives to reduce our impact. We notably calculate our carbon footprint every year, try to reduce it and contribute to global carbon neutrality with the GoodPlanet Foundation by investing in social and environmental projects. Every employee is informed about the eco gestures in the company. We also have a strict waste management policy at our office in Paris, provided by “Les Joyeux Recycleurs”, to recycle every item used at work. Moreover, our electricity is provided by Enercoop, a French utility company using only renewable energies.


Corporate governance with a sustainable vision

Governance practices play an important role in ensuring a bright future for the company and society. Our Bylaws include an explicit reference to the fact that our Board must take into account the social and environmental impacts of its decisions. Our largest shareholder is MAIF Avenir, a “mission company”, which is the French equivalent of a Benefit company, i.e. a company seeking not only to make profit but also to fulfill its mission.

We are a community of solidarity