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Travel with HomeExchange!

Do you want to travel the world or at least just travel more?

The answer, quick and simple: Exchange your home.  It's not a new idea and has been around longer than you probably think, but it has received a serious facelift for the 21st century. 

Learn about the real sharing economy and discover the 3 ways that home exchange has changed with HomeExchange!

1) It's no longer a one-to-one exchange

Home exchange or home swap, the names say it all!  Until recently, these names were probably good choices to define this age-old barter system, but nowadays these names are just misleading. 

The old system of finding a home exchange was a difficult process.  Members needed to find other members that were interested in coming to their home and available to travel during the same time period, but HomeExchange changed all this with the invention of the GuestPoint system.  

Members of HomeExchange are free to browse our over 400,000 homes and choose from available vacation homes in the destination of their choosing.  Members use the GuestPoints they earned during the signup process to stay in other members' homes.  Host members are happy to accept GuestPoints and use these points to travel to their preferred destinations.  


2) It's a lot safer 

As convenient as exchanging your home can be, there have always been a few trust hurdles.  Those nagging questions in the back of your mind, "Who is coming to my home?" and  "What will happen if something is damaged?".  Sometimes we need more than a handshake or the standard, "you have my word".

HomeExchange understood the inherent trust issues when swapping homes and designed tailored solutions to assure even the most skeptical of members.  Our HomeExchange services and Verification (A.KA. Identity Check) are just some of the ways we help our members feel safe anywhere in the world.


3) Weekend trips are doable

The previously arduous home exchange process and the lack of flexibility among members usually meant that home exchanges were booked way in advance and for long stays.  Who has that kind of time?

We live in a fast-paced world, so why shouldn't home exchange meet the needs of our active members?  Thanks to the HomeExchange mobile app and our GuestPoints system, our members can browse vacation homes on the go and instantly respond to member inquiries.  Search a weekend trip while on the train to work and finalize an exchange on the way home from work. 

Don't let your old misconceptions about home exchange hold you back from the perfect vacation.  Join the home exchange community with over 400,000 homes to choose from!

Travel with HomeExchange!