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    A once in a lifetime trip to take? New York City! Its charm is its unique atmosphere , with iconic monuments, museums, restaurants and bars, Broadway shows and nature nooks in Central Park. And for places to stay amid the bustle, HomeExchange will help you find the perfect apartment, at a very low price.

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    With HomeExchange, registration is free, then members pay an annual fee of 220,00 $US, which allows them to unlock unlimited exchanges for the year.

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    New York City is a dream destination for millions of people around the world with experiences ranging from top tourist destinations to a wealth of lesser known hidden gems. The concrete jungle is in the Top 10 most searched google destinations and one of the most visited HomeExchange destinations too. As such, it is arguably one of the most expensive cities to visit, book a home exchange to save on hefty accommodation expenses and score the opportunity to visit New York in the most genuine and authentic way, like a local. Whilst seeing the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Central Park bring visitors to the city in the first place – local eateries, trendy bars, endless museums and even (gasp!) the unnumbered streets are what keep visitors coming back year on year. If you like art and history you will find over 80 museums scattered around the city but the Tenement Museum and the Museum of the City of New York are two of our favourites. If you like live entertainment, the locals like to visit the Public Theatre for off-broadway shows that also tend to be less expensive. For a breath of fresh air, the waterfall in the middle of the concrete jungle on 51st between 2nd and 3rd ave will provide a moment of calm among the crowds! Or, if simply observing is up your alley, take a seat in the beautiful Washington Square Park where you can people watch for hours on end – you will have endless stories to take home with you. The best way to visit New York City is via the intricate subway system or on foot. Especially in the upper parts of Manhattan where the streets are numbered you can ditch your map (tourist alert!) and easily find your way around. Whilst visiting Manhattan is often the main purpose for visiting New York, your trip would not be complete without a visit to the other side of the bridge – Brooklyn. Grab a bagel, take a stroll through Dumbo or Williamsburg and be able to look back at the city that never sleeps in its entirety

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