Green Fiji Plantation Villa

GP / nuit
2 single beds
2 double beds
2 simple extra beds

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An ocean-view Villa on your own private 100 acre coconut plantation! This mid-century modern villa is perched atop a hillside overlooking the ocean and breathtaking natural beauty of the garden island of Fiji, Taveuni. Green jungle fades into blue ocean views, interrupted only by the tall palm trees swaying in the breeze, without a neighbor in site. It's a place your heart will never forget. The brand new infinity pool complex is available for the exclusive use of our residents. The entire property is off the grid, with ample solar power to meet your needs. Our Fijian staff is trained and available to handle any special requests. The three bedrooms have a choice of either two double beds, or one queen size bed, each with separate ensuite bath and shower. Each room is beautifully appointed with tropical hardwood, bamboo, and stone finishes, and a granite vessel sink. Rooms are individually lockable with a security safe, and connected by a beautifully curving entry to a spacious lounge with open plan kitchen for family togetherness. The locally grown tropical hardwood floors open onto the veranda, where your evening starts with sunset dining around a granite table that seats 14 around blue and gold flames of an in-table fire pit. As the orange sunset fades to pink, purple and blue and the darkness reveals more stars than you've ever seen, you won't remember when your evening ends and your dreams begin.


A 100 acre coconut plantation and working farm around the meandering driveway that leads up to the Villa, with no neighbours in sight. When the sun sets and the stars come out, you can count the number of man made lights on one hand. Very peaceful and private. Taveuni is known as the Garden Island of Fiji. Not only is it lush and beautiful; it is world famous for snorkeling and SCUBA diving on the Rainbow Reef, which can be arranged through our dive partners. Tavoro/Bouma Falls and the Lavena Coastal Walk are also famous excursions in Taveuni, as well as the Waitavala natural waterslide. Taveuni is also home to the rarest flower in the world, the Tagimoucia (Tang-ee-mouse-ee-ya), which only grows at the top of the volcanic ridge in the cloud forest above 1000 meters, and blooms in October and November. Taveuni also has some of the rarest animals, and especially birds, in the world. Be sure to check TripAdvisor or LonelyPlanet for lists of activities in Taveuni.


Our Villa is fully staffed with the convenience of having cleaning, laundry and cooking done for you. Please note, you will be responsible to pay $25USD a day for the cook. The food items/meals are not included in the price during your stay. The villa is isolated and is about 20 minutes away from the closest grocery store and market. You will need to hire taxis to get around and I can recommend those for you. The pool is finished but the construction is finishing up around it. It is fully usable. Our property has an access to the black rocky beach on our property. It’s a wonderful beach to swim at, but not so much to snorkel. Our house is on top of the hill about a mile away from the beach so you will get some good exercise going up and down if you decide to use the beach. We are also walking distance (30mins) to the Taveuni Dive resort and the Soqulu Marina, with whom you can go diving or snorkelling. If you’d like a white sandy beach with good snorkelling, you may have to hire a taxi to Vacala Bay or the Dive Shop Cafe near the airport, which are about a 30 min drive from us. We do have snorkelling gear for rent of $15FJD a day. We have taxi drivers that we can recommend. Also, there is an uninhabited island with a white sandy beach across from Taveuni. We can arrange a picnic with a private boat transfer for $175FJD per person. It is a truly wonderful experience. Water and Power: Our excellent water comes from springs and rain catchment. It is shared with the village down the hill from us. Although it's more than enough, please be aware that it is not an endless supply and wasteful practices like forgetting to turn off a faucet or hose might leave less water available for our kind Fijian staff. Power is from solar and generator. Naturally, solar only works during the day, and similarly, the generator is set to only run during the day, if required, so as not to disturb guests at night. Batteries store power for the night. Although we have one of the largest battery banks in Taveuni, the washer/dryer and ACs are a huge power drain on the system, and using any of these at night will quickly drain the power bank. Please only use these appliances as necessary during the day, and turn off when finished. Fans, on the other hand, are very efficient, therefore, please use screen doors and fans if cooling is required at night. Generally, please practice common sense with regard to water and power consumption, as is important in most developing countries.

ID de la maison

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Washing machine
Microwave oven
Heating system
Wheelchair accessible
Baby gear
Private garden
Private pool
Private parking space
Doorman included
Cleaning person included
Video game console
Chef included
Tour guide

House rules

Smokers welcome
Pets welcome
Children welcome
Dog to feed
Cat to feed
Plants to water


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, this accommodation has a garden. You will find more details about the garden and other facilities on this page.
Yes, this apartment has a swimming pool. You will find more details about the swimming pool and other facilities on this page.
Yes, this accommodation has a wifi connection. We recommend that you discuss this with the host to ensure that the connection speed is sufficient for your needs.
Yes, this accommodation has one or more parking spaces.
This accommodation has 3 bedrooms.
The surface of this accommodation is 334m2.
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