Piso de Tobias: 7 personas, København N

2 camas simples
1 cama doble
2 camas niño
1 cama simple supletoria

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 ha descrito su casa en inglés.

Lo que te va a encantar en esta casa

Our home is a beautiful apartment, which is in Nørrebro. Nørrebro itself is very interesting with a lot of things to explore and also close to the city center. Our apartment is perfect for families. We have two kids ourselves (2 and 5 years), so the apartment is well equipped for kids in these ages. But it also fits for a couple or a group of friends, of course. As mentioned, our home is a bit strange arranged. The kitchen is big and has a big dining space. Adjacent to the kitchen is the living room. Its also big and light and gives a lot of space to hang out, play with kids etc. There is no door between living room and kitchen. There is a little toilet in the corridor, where you come into the flat. Upstairs is a bit odd room where is kids sleep. It has the beautiful inclined windows but there is no wall between stairs and the kids space, so it is in some ways just one room, just in a strange size and shape. Up there is also the sleeping room (with door ;-)) and the big bathroom. In top of the bathroom is a little, tiny loft, where is space for one 2 persons bed. But also here, no door between stairs and loft. So, its a bit dificult to saz how many rooms we actually have because of the lack of doors. Its 120 sqm (plus the little loft). 2 People can sleep in the sleepingroom. If you have the kids, they kan sleep in the kids room. But there would be space for 2 adults, too. But then its a bit tight. If you are up for it, there is of course space for a big madras downstairs in the living room. But there you can here all noise from the kitchen. We have a kind of port you easily can use to close the stairs, so when the kids are sleeping, you still can be a bit noisy downstairs. There are many supermarkets, restaurants, playgrounds, cafes, bars and public transport a few meters from the house. But anyway, we are so lucky that our street is not very noisy.

Lo que te va a encantar del barrio

Nørrebro is a really nice part of Copenhagen. Its influenced by a lot of different cultures, students and young people. Here are many cafes, bares, flea markets, small shops etc. Its also a very children friendly place with a lot of very nice playgrounds for every age. Nørrebro is a bit different compaired to the rest of the city and we love it. And its very close to everything. The central bus lines are going through Nørrebro and you can walk to the city center.

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Its big, beautiful and the rooms are arranged in a bit strange, funny way Its in Nørrebro, the best part of Copenhagen. Many different cultures, cafes, bars, small shops, playgrounds etc Close to the city center and central bus lines

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Sí, este alojamiento dispone de conexión wifi. No obstante, te recomendamos que lo consultes con el/la anfitrión/a para asegurarte de que la velocidad de la red es adecuada para tus necesidades.
Este alojamiento tiene 2 dormitorios.
La superficie de este alojamiento es de 120m2.
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