Casa de Alida: 8 personas, con Jardín privado, Tolmin

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Lo que te va a encantar en esta casa

Hi everybody, Our house is situated in a small village in the heart of Slovenian Alps, in one of the the most beautiful Slovenian valleys with stunning river and great landscapes. It is our second home and we love to spend our time there.The house was rebuilt in 2012 and it still has the spirit of the previous old family house. As I come from a strong artistic background, am an artist myself, art, antiques, books, beauty hold a big value in our personal lives. The ground floor reflects more of the modern era, the loft space has objects and furniture from the old family house. As the spaces in the house are quite big and large, good photos are pretty hard to make. The emerald river Soča is 5 min walk from the house. You can do winter sports in winter and a lot of fun stuff like hiking, rafting, kayaking in summer. It can be very quiet, chilled or a very active holiday - depends what you need. We are pet lovers, we own 2 german shoirthaired pointers, so animals are welcome. We would charge 50 EUR cleaning fee for your stay.

Lo que te va a encantar del barrio

Our house is in Čezsoča village, 3 km from the small town Bovec. The boarder with Italy is 20 km away, Austria 40 km. Soča valley is a very interesting outdoor valley rich with nature, mountain rivers and streams - the Triglav National park is just a short drive away. As well it is rich with history and culture. You will be walking on the paths of the 1st world war battlefield - the Isonzo front. Local restaurants provide great food, you can also buy sheep or goat cheese form farmers close by. The shops are in the nearest town in Bovec.

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A few places to visit: Trenta Valley with the Soča river gorge and many more Kanin mountain top Krn lake - cca 3 h hike Kobarid town with its museum of 1st world war Boka waterfall Cividale town - Italy Restaurants: Martinov Hram in Bovec Topli val in Kobarid Metoja in Trenta, village Trenta Also to note: This is our second home, we spend quite a lot of time here, we work here, create. The house is a constant work in progress as we are artists and we love to change things. About cleaning- we love clean but not hospital clean. So if that bothers you, than this will not be the house for you. We love that our guests can make them selves feel like home and that they find their where abouts around the house themselves. We also have two dogs who are shorthairs and clean, other guests bring their dogs - so please take than into consideration if you are not an animal lover.

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Sí, esta casa tiene jardín. Puedes ver más detalles sobre el jardín y otras instalaciones en esta página.
Sí, este alojamiento dispone de conexión wifi. No obstante, te recomendamos que lo consultes con el/la anfitrión/a para asegurarte de que la velocidad de la red es adecuada para tus necesidades.
Sí, este alojamiento dispone de una o varias plazas de parking.
Este alojamiento tiene 3 dormitorios.
La superficie de este alojamiento es de 175m2.
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