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Lo que te va a encantar en esta casa

Before I start to tell you how nice my place is, I need to manage expectations. You may see a nice comfortable flat right in the centre of the French Concession and think.. Wow, unbelievable location. And it is. You can't get any more central than this. It's on the main shopping street and right on top of three metro lines in the heart of the French Concession with Art-deco buildings all around and quiet leafy lanes, a myriad of restaurants and cafes, colonial architecture, concert and symphony halls. But there is a trade-off for this location and that's the fact that it's a lane house. This means that you have to live cheek by jowl with lots of old Chinese people, none of whom speak English and although very friendly, have what you might consider unsociable habits. You may get woken up by the sound of the neighbours clearing the pollution from their lungs. When you come home late, you may have to step over piles household rubbish that the neighbours have chucked out into the lane for the sweeper to collect the next morning. If you're here in the summer, people will be walking around in their underwear/pyjamas. People wash their bodies and clothes in the lane so you'll see some semi-nakedness. On the ground floor of each house is a communal kitchen and bathroom (I have my own, so you don't have to share!) The lane is often full of rubbish, building material, feral cats and sometimes a wild ferret. The stairs in the house are dark, wooden and usually dirty and there is a (nice) man who lives in the space under the stairs. You will hear the people who live around you, walking across their floor and people laughing and chatting outside. My neighbours cook their food on the landing. You will hear and smell food cooking from time to time. You might hear someone practicing the piano or violin or salesmen selling pegs or bamboo poles, collecting cardboard or offering to catch your rat. It's a lively lane and all life goes on here. So that's a reality check for anyone looking at this house, thinking it's going to a luxury ex-pat community. If you're not put off by what I've put above and are still reading, here's the good news. It's the best place to live in the whole of Shanghai not only because of the location but the neighbours are great, you feel part of a community, you will be pretty much the only foreigners here. The flat itself is really great and when you're inside you can't hear any traffic although you're in the centre of the city. It's silent. Sometimes in the early morning, you can hear the metro train passing under the house. Obviously the location is the BIG selling point - it's the equivalent of living on Oxford Street or next to Harrods. You walk out the gate and every big name brand you know (and more you don't) is there. There is a Starbucks at the entrance to the community and Art-deco buildings like the Cathay Cinema and the Garden Hotel, (which is the Former French Club) nearby. About the house...... I have described the lane and community. The flat has been modernised and decorated to western standards, and has two rooms plus bathroom. The sitting room has one window which has bars and overlooks a low roof strewn with rubbish and directly faces another row of lane house. You can see people cooking on their balconies and washing themselves. There is no privacy here! The sitting room has a kitchen area with microwave and electric hob. I have a tall fridge/freezer, toaster and slow cooker. The TV is not connected but you can plug your laptop in and play videos or stream movies from your laptop if you wish. If you need a laptop I can made one available to you. The bedroom is massive and very bright with huge windows and access to the balcony where there is a washing machine. From here you can look out over the lane to the neighbours and to the fruit stall which is open early until about 2am each day. A 24 hour shop is out the back of the community selling dairy products, snacks, booze, ice-cream etc. There is a sofa bed in the sitting room (and another in the bedroom which I have slept on and is ok for a few days) which can be used as another bed. The main bed is large and has been made western with the addition of several soft mattresses. I have a Filippino maid who comes once a week to clean. There is air-con/heating in each room both of which work very well. The internet is the fastest in Shanghai and comes in via fibre optic cable. If you want to access any social media while in China you'll have to buy a VPN service before you arrive because they are all blocked here. This is a very secure and safe place to live. Everyone knows everyone and you will get smiles every day from the neighbours. You have to bear in mind you are sharing a small space with many other people and that the walls and floors and very thin. You have to be quiet and considerate to live this close to other people. It would suit travellers who want to live at grassroots level (literally!) like the Chinese do.

Lo que te va a encantar del barrio

In the heart of the French Concession on three metro lines, walkable to Nanjing Road, People's Square and Jing'an Temple. Tianzifang is very popular for little shops and restaurants in buildings converted from old lanes. It is about 15 minutes walk from my house. All through the French Concession are leafy lanes, cafes, street food, markets, Art-deco architecture, colonial buildings. Dive down the little lanes and you'll see life there. Dumpling and noodles stalls everywhere, very cheap and tasty. Fuxing Park is close and is a hive of activity from morning to evening. People dancing, flying kites, singing, playing badminton, taiji, sword dancing, all manner of strange things going on there. XingYang Park is even closer and every night there is dancing from 7pm onwards - often up to 6 different groups of dancers getting their daily exercise. There are fruit and veg markets selling all sorts of things you don't recognise. Dried fish and sausages will be hanging above you as you walk along the pavement. You will see a whole family group on an e.bike, massive loads of goods on tricycles, dogs in shoes and with ears and tails dyed pink and orange, school children on their way to and from school pulling huge cases full of books and little old ladies walking backwards along the pavement clapping their hands (strange but true). It's a crazy place to live.

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It's Chinese outside but Western inside Heart of the French Concession, city centre location Typical old Chinese community

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