HomeExchange is the #1 home-exchange community in the world. For us, exchanging homes is a unique way to explore the world, but above all, it is a unique way to "live" the world and to feel welcome in any destination.

Our members are characterized by their passion for traveling, generosity, hospitality, respect and their ability to host other equally-passionate travelers. We have our own values that are very different from the values of peer-to-peer rental sites.

Would you like to know why HomeExchange is different? Here’s why…

1- HomeExchange is synonymous with Welcome.

HomeExchange Members receive and welcome guests into their homes with affection and hospitality. And they do it because they are passionate about meeting other Members around the world. They don’t earn money from this, but they get the opportunity to discover different cultures and destinations.

"I always leave a welcome basket with a bottle of wine and some chocolates along with a welcome note. I love to.” - Jerris, United States.


2- With HomeExchange, you learn the real meaning of Sharing.

Members get their homes ready, make room in their closets, encourage their guests to use what they need from their pantry and lend them their bicycles. Even the little ones gets their favorite toys out for their guests. This is the magic of HomeExchange: our Members are generous, respectful and, you will find hospitality wherever you go.

“I’m very happy to involve my children in these exchange adventures. It helps me introduce values to them such as sharing, appreciating experiences more than things, respecting others, the importance of learning languages, and above all, appreciating differences.” - Lorena, Spain

3- With HomeExchange, you stay in Real Homes.

HomeExchange allows you to enjoy staying in real, lived-in houses, with their own personality, in authentic neighborhoods, with great neighbors for you to meet. You can feel at home at someone else’s house for a few days. And maybe you can even help your host out by watering his or her plants, or picking up his or her mail, because remember… they’re not houses for rent: they’re real homes.

"Before HomeExchange, I visited cities. Now I live in the cities I visit, I take my time to enjoy it and that is very important. I also go to real houses, not hotels. I can cook new things I buy from the markets and supermarkets in those countries. "- Rosario, Spain


4- Communication between Members is key.

Communication between our Members should be transparent and fluid. At HomeExchange, Members communicate with each other, not only to agree on the time of arrival and departure, but also to get to know each other better and help each other enjoy their stay to the fullest. They give their favorite recommendations (better than what you will find in any guide), they are introduced to their respective cultures, and they establish the foundation and rules for the exchange to be a success. A home-exchange sometimes even end with a beautiful friendship.

Do not expect automatic reservations when arranging your home-exchange: enjoy communicating with your exchange partner.

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5- With HomeExchange, you travel better.

With HomeExchange you can travel more or for longer periods of time to your favorite destinations. This allows you to explore new places as a local, outside of the “tourist traps”, without rushing. You can find HomeExchangers in any corner of the world: in the middle of a beautiful countryside, or at the center of a bustling city. Because, with HomeExchange, we use existing resources and therefore help diversify local economies.

”Initially, a year and a half ago, we started home-exchanging to “check it out.” Today, we can’t imagine doing otherwise. We’ve done a dozen home-exchanges, and had beautiful encounters. The financial aspect attracted us initially, and the human aspect made us stick with it.” - Jessica, France.


In addition, HomeExchange can always surprise you. Maybe you’ll receive an exchange offer from a place you never thought of visiting before or that you couldn’t point out on a map. And you’ll think... Why not? HomeExchange is different because it is a living and proactive community. And who knows? Maybe that proposal will be the beginning of one of the best experiences of your life.

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