Coralie works in the Marketing team in HomeExchange. She enjoys travelling and being surprised by the offers she receives from other Members. She loves about wine, so one of her favourite exchanges was in Burgundy (France).

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"I love HomeExchange as it allows me to travel and always brings me many surprises!

I love wine so I've always wanted to discover Burgundy. Together with friends, we decided to travel there by bike in order to enjoy the nature, the wines and the countryside which is exceptionally beautiful in this region.


We found Michel's house, close to Beaune and at the same time, surrounded by fields. The house was well-equipped and everything was organized for our arrival so it was super pleasant. In addition, in our conversation, I told Michel the trip was also for me to celebrate my 30th birthday so he left us 2 bottles of wine from his region. I was so touched by his gesture! We enjoyed it on the terrace with the sunset. An amazing moment.


We traveled through different villages around Beaune, did some wine-tasting and learnt about the process of fabrication. It was great to rest in the best condition at Michel's house after long days of biking in the sun. Thank you again to Michel for being so welcoming and kind!


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Let yourself be surprised! I tried several times to find an exchange close to Beaune. The first time I did, I found an exchange close to Orléans in a village along the Loire. It was beautiful! We visited the castles around, I was so happy to discover this region I knew little.

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