Slow travel is having a moment and it's not about to end. Ever since the world slowed down with the pandemic, the possibility of working away from the office was unlocked for many. But many demographics like retirees and teachers (schools out for summer!) have long been onto the advantages and joy of long term travel.

Extended stays for more than two weeks let you really get to know a place, unpack, relax, and see it for all its worth. Sound amazing? It is! But if you're looking at Airbnb rentals long term, you can be shocked by what you see. Limited options and sky high prices can have you second guessing long term travel plans. But worry not. There's a better alternative and we're here to tell you all about it.

Does Airbnb Do Long Term Rentals?

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The short answer, is yes. The platform itself permits hosts to offer AirBnb longterm rentals as long as their listing's settings are activated to extended stays. Sometimes, hosts offer discounted pricing for longer stays, but often times they don't. When looking for a longterm rental though, you can easily find your options limited on AirBnb for this and other reasons. Which leads us to a better question.

Is Airbnb Good For Long Term Rentals?

Potentially, but not always. AirBnb hosts offer properties in exchange for money. Their listings are about generating income. So naturally, their intention is to maximise those revenues. Short term stays generate higher prices per night, so hosts tend to limit long terms stays in preference of more guest turn over to generate higher revenues. Thus, many hosts simply don't allow long terms stays and when searching for them, you'll have more limited results.

If they do allow long terms stays, they may leave the nightly price at around the same rate for short stays. For long stays this is costly. Airbnb also adds on their fees. Vacation rentals are highly regulated in many places, so listings are also subject to local laws on pricing and number of nights it can be rented per year. This protects local rental markets and helps pricier cities remain dynamic and accessible. However, it again means a range of limiting factors for anyone looking for Airbnb long term rentals in NYC or other major cities for example.

What's the Best Alternative for Airbnb Longterm Rentals?

does airbnb do long term rentals

With limited options, renting restrictions based on local laws, and the potential for vey high prices you'll be pleased to know that there is actually a great alternative to Airbnb long term rentals – home swapping. HomeExchange is the largest and most reputable community in the world of home swapping, with homes all ove the globe. Our service and community offer an incredible alternative to Airbnb long term rentals and here is why:

  • It costs next to nothing. An Airbnb long term rental can cost you thousands. For just one small annual fee of 220 USD, you can unlock unlimited exchanges on HomeExchange for a year.
  • Houses are real functional homes. For extended stays, you really want the comforts of home. Staying in a real home vs. a vacation rental is a warmer and more comfortable experience.
  • You're home is cared for. Reciprocal exchange means hosting your hosts in your home as well. So you can both look after your homesteads including house plants, pools, pets and more. And if you are not interested by a reciprocal exchange, you can use GuestPoints !
  • Pets can be accomodated. HomeExchange makes it easy to organise pet care for long term stays. If both parties are willing, you can either bring them along or leave pets at home to be lovingly cared for by whoever you're hosting in a familiar environment for them.

In the last year, over 14,000 exchanges of more than 2 weeks were finalized in our community! The longest home exchange recorded here lasted over 2 years. Isn't that incredible? Our community is truly what leads to the last reason HomeExchange is a great alternative for Airbnb long term rentals – you'll connect with likeminded people and travelers that can even become lifetime friends.

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Long Term Rentals with HomeExchange vs. Airbnb

Is HomeExchange really the best Airbnb long term rentals alternative? Without a doubt. In sum, HomeExchange is by far less expensive than Airbnb. You may literally save thousands. HomeExchange homes tends to offer a more cosy and more comfortable experience than Airbnb. It's also a less restrictive experience because HomeExchange personal exchanges are unlimited and unregulated by local tourism laws. With HomeExchange, as long as timings and dates work for both parties you can exchange for however little or long as you like. Seems like the obvious choice for long terms rentals is easy! HomeExchange is a home run.

Testimonials from the HomeExchange Community

We love hearing great feedback, and to be honest we get a lot. If you're thinking about exchanging, long term or otherwise, but not sure it's right for you, you can start by exploring feedback from our HomeExchanges from TrustPilot. Here are some recent experiences...

"We have had a wonderful experience with Home Exchange so far. We are excited about the places and homes we will stay in this year. " - Marta, United States

"Using Home Exchange is an amazing experience always.
You meet incredible people and places, and you also get to share your home with like minded individuals, and sometimes start new friendships." - Leonor, United Arab Emirates

"You won't want to travel any other way! Over the past year, we've completed 18 exchanges with Home Exchange." - Luciano, Czech Republic

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