Did you know that you can now discuss "live" with experienced HomeExchange Members through the website? They are experts of both reciprocal and non reciprocal exchanges, know it all about GuestPoints and exchange guarantees, and they are active Members like you.

When a Member is lost, and instead of leaving him/her alone, we can hold his hand and accompany him, to solve his problem in a few minutes. It is very rewarding, especially when it allows to finalize an exchange and that he can then project serenely in his journey, without worrying about paperwork. Marie-Anne, Chat Ambassador

Do you remember the first time your organized an exchange through the site? What if someone like you, from the Community, would have been there for you to answer your questions and doubts? Chat Ambassadors are thrilled to connect on the Community Chat when they have spare time in order to dissipate your doubts, whilst talking from their own experience.

We have found that one of the benefits of the community chat done by Ambassadors is that other Members (especially newbies) feel they get a real connection with the community, get to talk to someone who has a long experience in HomeExchange, and get very good tips on how to travel.

For newcomers, unfamiliar with the site and the very concept of home exchange, it is more about advice and personal support for their first research and exchange experiences. In short, it is the human side of the very concept of home exchange that motivates me to give some of my time to those who are part of this community! Isabelle, Chat Ambassador


We first activated the French and Spanish Community chats and due to its success, we decided to activate the English Community Chat too and welcome Ambassadors to start helping other Members? German and Italian will be the next active chats. If you are interested in joining the Community chat to help other Members with your own tips and advise, please fill out this form.

It has been really interesting in discovering how the new site works through the questions of our members and getting an insight into their holiday plans. I have also found the chat community to be extremely helpful. It’s great to be of help. So, all in all, a very positive experience. Roy, Chat Ambassador

How to ask a Chat Ambassador for advice?

Everything you need is just a click away on the HomeExchange website! You don’t even have to be a member to get help from our Chat Ambassadors! Look for the “Need Help” button at the bottom of every HomeExchange page. Click the button, write a short message with your question and in a few minutes one of our Chat Ambassadors will have an answer for you!

And when you have a technical question or need help that requires intervention on your account, the Ambassador will transfer you to our Happiness Support team to look deeper into the problem. We are available 24/7 through email at contact@homeexchange.com and telephone. Check out all the contact options.

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