In 2019, more than 95% of HomeExchange Members have more awareness about environmental issues and are acting on it, both at home and abroad*. In this age of speed and technology, it is also important to take the time to enjoy life. HomeExchange invites our Members to slow down their pace and offers them a unique kind of simplicity through slow travel.

The practice of slow travel naturally applies to HomeExchange, the home-exchange allows you to travel better by offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in places where you are, surrounded by locals.

Slow down the pace  

Most tourists follow the same, mainstream itinerary. Yet the planet offers a huge playground! It is always possible to find small hidden corners of paradise for your holidays. Most of our members choose holidays that allow them to interrupt their natural rhythm to calm down and really rest.


"We will spend nearly a week in exchange for GuestPoints on Sein Island off the tip of the Raz. It is an island of 58 hectares without cars or bicycles. We’re going to stay with someone who lives there all year round and with whom we have excellent contact. We're going to settle down and change our pace and lifestyle for a few days." - Sylvie
"We did our exchange in Maribor, Slovenia. There, we took the time to do a lot of outdoor sports (canoeing, cycling, going to a ski resort in summer...) as well as wine-tasting!" - Roser

Traveling off the beaten track

Some members choose a region or city that they’ve been eyeing for a while, others are persuaded to choose a destination through a request for an exchange, and make their trip a discovery. HomeExchange has many surprises in store!

"Our first exchange was in a renovated farm in the north of Voiron a few years ago. As Parisians, the only thing we wanted for the summer was to take a trip to the countryside. In addition to the beautiful cobblestones combined with comfort, we were seduced by the garden without a fence, a sizeable grassy meadow on a slope with fir trees high up, hardly any buildings around, small footpaths without cars, vegetable gardens and a waterhole. You can readily appreciate the atmosphere of a small house on the prairie, or rather a large house. An ideal place to read the book Arabic of the Future offered in our hosts' library, is in a hammock in the shade of small trees." - Isabelle


Traveling for the experience

It’s getting increasingly common for Members to refuse the tendency to travel with the superficial comfort offered by highly-touristic places, which at the same time, dilute the charm of the local culture. They prefer to go to more authentic places, which is made very easy with home-exchanging.

"We avoid very touristic places. In France, we went near to Lille and Reims this year. Next October, we will go to Mayenne. When we leave, we leave the big crowded cities. We like to discover the living spaces of our hosts, and we share with pleasure our little corner of inland Brittany." - Sophie

These increasingly common choices are in line with the HomeExchange philosophy, namely the desire to travel better, to stay longer to take the time to discover and learn from local people as well as their customs.

Go on your next adventure!