March is Women’s History Month and March 8, 2023 is International Women’s Day. This day is meant to shine a light on the achievements and accomplishments of women around the world while also spreading awareness on gender inequalities and oppression. To celebrate this day and to promote female travel (both in a group and solo), we put together a list of some female social media travel influencers and female travel bloggers to follow to light that spark of wanderlust in you. Take the time to follow them and get ready to be inspired!

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Dr. Nabila Ismail from Dose of Travel

If you’ve been struck with a feeling of wanderlust, then Dr. Nabila Ismail’s travel blog and Instagram feed, A Dose of Travel, may just be what the doctor ordered. A former licensed pharmacist, Nabila left her position in the medical field behind to pursue a career as a full-time travel blogger, marketing professional, and freelance journalist. To encourage a more diverse and inclusive travel community, she started the Dose of Travel Club, which brings together people from different backgrounds to travel together.

Debra Schroeder from Traveling Well for Less

Are you looking for tips on how to travel on a budget without having to sacrifice the feeling of a luxury vacation? Then Debra from Traveling Well for Less has you covered! With her tips on how to save on transportation, activities, and accommodations. Can you imagine your total savings if you combine her fantastic tips with HomeExchange and home swapping? A former travel industry executive and current value luxury travel freelance writer, her blog is definitely a must-read to learn how to travel smarter, not harder.

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Alyssa Ramos from My Life’s a Travel Movie

Alyssa is a Cuban American solo travel blogger who started traveling full-time eight years ago and by her early 30s has been to over 85 countries and all seven continents. Her Instagram feed is well-known for rarely displaying her face: Alyssa wanted to prove that she could become successful without showing her face - And she was right! Visit her blog for posts on how to safely and successfully solo travel, advice on which destinations to visit, travel tips, and lifestyle posts.

Juno Kim from Runaway Juno

Juno Kim, born in Seoul, South Korea, is a former mechanical engineer who left her prestigious job to travel around the world full-time. 12 years later, she is still running her travel blog, Runaway Juno, has her own consulting practice, Ovibos Consulting, and is also a mother. Runaway Juno hosts articles on travel tips, breastfeeding, and traveling safely with a baby. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram page to find beautiful photos of her adventures, her growing family, and travel inspiration.

Gerry Isabelle from Dominican Abroad

Originally from the Bronx in New York City, Gerry’s love of travel was sparked when she was studying abroad as a teen. Her blog and Instagram feed celebrate her Latine culture, the diaspora, and also shines a light on the need for more diversity in travel. Dominican Abroad shares travel stories, tips, cultural experiences, and Gerry’s unending love for New York City. Follow her to learn and be inspired by her passion for globetrotting and culture.

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Hopefully, you’ve added some new Instagram accounts to your feed and some new blogs on your to-read lists! Each one of these female travel influencers offers a new and unique perspective on how to explore the world safely. If you’re looking for more travel influencers and travel bloggers to follow for inspiration, check out our posts about Black travel Instagrammers and Black TikTok travel influencers.